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Hair Colors Palette

We’ve already seen how to care for colored hair. Here’s more on that, as promised.

When coloring hair, either to cover premature greys or for style, hair tends to undergo a lot of changes. The changes or even damage is high when the coloring agents used aren’t natural. The harsher the chemicals, the higher the damage.

When caring for colored hair right, color lasts longer. The longer the color lasts, the frequency of reapplication reduces. Also, with right care, hair damage can be reduced. So, let’s learn more about caring for colored hair. Shall we?

Hair Colors Palette

Red Dye Fades Quickly

Of all shades, red tends to fade away faster due to larger sized molecules. So, they don’t penetrate hair strands deeply and hence fade away as quickly. If you are going for shades of red, go for one that offers good definition and less stress to your cuticles to minimize damage to your hair.


You’ve probably heard you can skip conditioning if you don’t have time. But don’t fall for it. If you shampoo your hair, you must follow up with a conditioner. Not only will your hair look shiny, it will also reduce damage and keep your strands healthier.

Also, always use a conditioner that’s meant for color treated hair. They’re specially formulated to combat damage, increase shine and most importantly, don’t strip the hair color. So, it is a good idea to use those conditioners.

Only the Best for Your Hair

Color treated hair needs special shampoo formulated for lasting coloring. Besides, these shampoos are mild and mitigate damage and hence ideal. Choose a shampoo that works for your and is good.

Skip the Shampoo Every Now & Then

Do you know you can give shampoo the skip, every now and then? Yes, just move to the conditioner straight when washing your hair!

Choose Hair Care Products Wisely

Color longevity will depend on the products you use for hair care. If you use colors that require you treat it in a specific way, you should do it. Also, using color protecting shampoos or conditioners and other products that won’t affect your hair coloring is very important.

Don’t Use Clarifying Products

Clarifying products are known to strip hair color and also, contain more detergent than normal shampoos to remove piled up dirt and grime. So, use then right before your hair coloring but not after. They’re stronger than normal shampoos and get rid of dirt, grime, accumulated products like hair wax, etc. So, stay away from them if you want your color to last.

Deep Condition

Hair coloring can leave your hair damaged, dry, frizzy or brittle. So, use a deep conditioning treatment like a hair pack to strengthen, nourish and condition your hair. If not frequently, do it at least once a week.

One of my favorite deep conditioning treatments is Hot Oil Massage. It is easy, simple and doesn’t require any sophisticated items or ingredients. Anyone can do it.

Care for Your Hair

As always, eat good and healthy food to ensure your hair gets enough nutrients. Mitigate hair damage by reducing the use of heat treatments, dryer, etc. Use a UV protection for your hair if you go out during midday often. Don’t mistreat your hair, neglect after-hair care after swim or the like. The more you care for your hair, the healthier and happier it will be.

Have your tried HY Vitamins Hair Care products designed for colored hair? They’re natural, enriched with Argan Oil and other natural oils and herbal extracts and can keep your hair healthy and happy.