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So, we’ve been looking at a few recipes using Henna for dyeing. But there’s more to Henna that you must know before you get started.

Shall we look at those aspects before we delve into more recipes that use Henna?

Types of Henna

We have all heard about different shades of Henna. Let me very clear about one thing – Henna is a naturally available dye from the Henna tree. The true Henna comes from Lawsonia Inermis (Scientific Name. The shade varies slightly, but usually it is a bright orange red and can be slightly lighter or darker depending on the source and other factors.

There’s no black or brown henna that’s natural! In most cases, chemical dyes are added. Yes, they can add other natural compounds to get different shades, but you might know what goes in!

Can I get Different Shades Using Henna?

Yes, you can add other compounds to Henna and get different shades from Brown, to Red, to Dark Brown, or even Black. We are seeing a few ways to do that in our recipes that talk about using Henna for dyeing.

Can I add Egg to Henna?

If you find your hair looking dry or lifeless after dyeing it using Henna, chances are you could do with a helping of Egg. If that’s the case, just add an egg to the paste.

Also, this adds shine and moisture to your hair, which is an added bonus for everyone.

What to do if I Want Black Color Dye from Henna?

Adding Tea and Lemon Juice gives you black dye.

Will Hair Color Change?

Henna is a translucent dye, so unlike other dyes, tends to blend in with your hair color. However, it does give your hair temporary coloring and depending on the compounds you add to Henna, the results can be Red, Brown, Dark Brown, Black, etc.

Can I get Light Brown Shade Using Henna?

Yes, when adding Indian Gooseberry to Henna, you can get a Light Brown Color.

What Happens When my Hair is a Darker Color, like Black?

In that case, applying Henna gives a nice red sheen when sunlight hits your strands.

Does Henna Improve Hair Health?

Yes, Henna is know to make hair stronger, reduce split ends and hair fall and reduces hair breakage.

How can I release Henna Dye Better?

By using an acidic ingredient like Orange Juice, Lemon Juice, Coffeee, Vinegar, etc.

How do I Get Red Color?

You could get Red Color adding Branding and Cloves to Henna!

How Long will it Take for Dye Activation in Henna?

Preparing the paste 3 – 4 hours prior to application is recommended for hair coloring. Some leave it overnight. Check and see what works for you.

Can I Shampoo the Same Day?

It is good to wait for 3 days before using a Shampoo, though with herbal hair wash you shouldn’t have to worry.

That’s not all! We will add more tips for you soon. Stay tuned for our updates. Have you tried HY Vitamins Hair Care Range yet?