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We’ve been looking factors that are to be considered while determining your hair care routine. Here’s another factor that you must consider, Hair Density.

What Is Hair Density?

Hair Density is the number of hair strands on a square inch of your scalp! Hair Density is often confused with texture, but density is different. While Texture talks about the thickness of your strands, Density is about the number of strands that cover a square inch.

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How to Determine Hair Density?

As already outlined, the number of strands in your scalp is what we’re looking at when talking about density. We all know it is really difficult to count the strands. Don’t we? So how can we determine the density?

It is simple, really! Just let your hair dry completely after a shower. Now, stand in front of the mirror and see if you are able to see your scalp. If your density is low, you can your scalp when you just observe.

Now, if you see parts of your scalp, your density is medium and you don’t see your scalp at all or if it is really difficult, your density is high. Now that we’ve cleared that up, how is it any important?

Why is Hair Density Important?

Just like knowing your hair type, porosity or texture, knowing your density is important too. Wondering why? Only if you know your density, you can choose the right hair care products or ingredients, right?

For example: If you have low density, applying dense or thick products or ingredients will weigh down your hair further and reduce the volume further.

Determining your hair density, along with curl pattern and porosity, is important because it will allow you to choose the right products and hairstyles for your hair’s volume. So heavy oils, or butter or creams are not ideal if you have low density.

On the other hand, medium density is really great. If you want volume, use a mousse, bring it a notch down with some butter or use texturizers for styling. This density allows you the luxury to be creative and try out things! You can even just wash and let it flow once, in a while.

As for high density, heavier products not only weigh it down a notch, it also makes managing your hair easier. You might need rich products to moisturize or tame it, detanglers for detangling, conditioners, etc. But still, with practice and the right products or ingredients, it will become easier.

So, do you have an idea of the factors now? Stay tuned, we will now be collating information and come up with a rough sketch so you can draw your own hair routine with all the factors and how they fall into place. If you don’t have time to come up with your own hair care products or recipes, try HY Vitamins Hair Care Range.