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Relaxed Hair

We’ve already busted a few Myths about Hair Care here. Here are few Myths that you should know about!

Relaxing Promotes Hair Growth!

Any hair treatment isn’t really good for your hair. When hair curly, it can look shorter than it really is. When the hair is relaxed, the strands are stretched out fully and look longer. However, relaxing is more like stretching out your hair fully – stretching a rubber band to its max! So, elasticity is reduced and it also affects your hair’s ability to grow out without breaking – due to lack of elasticity. Why would you want to do that to your hair?

Relaxed Hair

Black Hair Grows Slowly!

Average hair growth is ½ “ / month. Many think Black Hair doesn’t grow that much, more so because it is curly and you can’t really see a lot of difference in length easily! Also, curly pattern by itself causes a slightly slower growth rate because it is not fully stretched out. The reality is that, while the difference isn’t really apparent like other hair types, black hair does grow better, when properly nourished and cared for.

Black Hair Doesn’t Grow Longer!

This is another myth! Not all curly women have Black Hair to start with, but like mentioned earlier, length is hard to notice in curly hair than other hair types. Asian women are known for their long hair and many have Black Hair there.

Heat Promotes Hair Growth!

Ok, this I don’t exactly know who started this or where. But Heat Treatments and Styling do nothing but harm your hair! A little warm oil massage helps open up hair follicles and promote better penetration of the oils yes. But styling – is an absolute NO if you want healthy hair.

Under extreme temperatures, treatments like straightening for example, is done. This alters the protein bonds of your hair and weakens them. A heat protectant is a must to reduce damage, even that doesn’t alleviate it!

Salon Visits Improve your Hair Length!

It is more like improve the Salon’s fortune 😛 Your hair will grow longer, healthier and stronger when you care for it right. You don’t have to go to a salon to do that, with little guidance, you can do that at home well enough!

Worrying will Give you Grays!

While I would like to say otherwise, this is in fact true! Basically, stress triggers adrenaline in the body and that damages DNA, which in turn affects Melanin production – Melanin gives color to your hair! Technically, it is possible and I have seen many having grays with increased worry and stress.

Shaving Prevents Baldness in Newborns

This is absolutely NOT true. Baldness is often hereditary. If the father loses hair early, chances of his son losing hair is very high. Having that said, shaving doesn’t help in preventing it.

Hair Grows Faster During Summers!

Summers mean body gets good blood flow and that includes the scalp. So there’s good stimulation, unlike winters where more blood is diverted to internal organs to combat cold (winters). So, hair grows 10 – 15% faster during summers.

These are a few common Hair Myths that have been doing the rounds and now you know what to believe and what you shouldn’t! Feel free to write back to us with your questions, suggestions for topics and your results with our Recipes. Stay tuned for more Hair Care Tips and Recipes. Have you tried our HY Vitamins Hair Care Range yet?