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Flaxseed Oil

Are you experiencing hair thinning? Do you know natural remedies can keep your hair strong, healthy and thick?

Hair thinning could be due to lot of reasons – natural and triggered. Uncontrolled Hair loss, which eventually leads to Hair Thinning, could be due to medications (prescription drugs), stress, age, skin problems, hereditary reasons and even abrupt changes to one’s diet. Irrespective of the cause, you can curb hair thinning and have wonderful locks, yet again. Want to know how?

Indian Gooseberry

You probably know by now that Indian Gooseberry is a wonderful ingredient for hair care. It isn’t without reason, considering it is rich in anti-microbial properties, antioxidants and Vitamin C. Besides, the fatty acids in Gooseberry work like a conditioner and moisture your hair shafts, while strengthening the roots. That’s one reason why Indian Gooseberries are a must if you are battling Hair Thinning! You can apply the juice on your scalp directly, or use the dried powder as a mask, or in your hair wash powder among other things.

Hair Fruit

As the name suggests, Hair Fruit, colloquially called Shikakai has been used for years for cleansing hair and even skin. It is rich in nutrients and known to strengthen hair, prevent dandruff and promote hair growth with regular usage. Swap this for your hair shampoo and see the results!

Soap Nuts

Reetha as they’re called colloquially, Soap Nuts are a natural alternative to soaps – yes, they foam and well! However, they don’t leave your hair and dry after use. They leave your scalp clean and also curb scalp ailments and hair loss. Add this along with Hair Fruit to make a homemade foaming shampoo! You can also add in Gooseberry, Fenugreek and a few choice herbs to make the herbal shampoo a lot better! We also have listed a few recipes for shampoo, which you could check for ideas.


Fenugreek is used just about for everything! Not just hair care and even in hair care, it has myriad of uses. Using Fenugreek either alone, or combining it with other ingredients, you have a good remedy that works to curb hair thinning effectively. Just soak a spoon of Fenugreek Seeds overnight, grind it to a paste next morning and apply it to your scalp, or mix it with Yogurt for an even better remedy!

Flaxseed Oil


We have already added a few recipe that use Flaxseeds here. So, you probably know how good it is for your hair. Rich in anti-oxidants, ground Flaxseeds can curb hair thinning and restore your hair’s luster, shine and strength, while also eliminating scalp problems like Dandruff. Don’t want to use Flax Seed Powder? Use Flaxseed Oil, instead! I also add some Argan Oil and Castor Oil, as it makes my hair stronger.

Onion Juice

You have heard about how Onions do a wonderful job with curbing hair fall! Do you know hair thinning will be in your past if you start using onion juice on your scalp regularly? Try it, the Sulphur promotes skin collagen, which is also important if you want to curb hair thinning! Though pungent, onions do really work!

These are just a few remedies that will curb hair thinning, though stay tuned, we will be adding more in the coming day! Don’t have time for DIY Remedies or Recipes for Hair Care? Try HY Vitamins Hair Care products for your hair care requirements.