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Henna leaves

Henna is not only for dyeing your hair. It is a nourishing ingredient for your hair and scalp. Here are few ways to use Henna for Hair & Scalp health.

Henna Mask for Dry Hair

Soak 2 – 3 Tbsp. of Fenugreek in water overnight and grind it to a smooth paste next morning. Also grind 2 cups of Henna Leaves, or substitute it with Henna Powder if you don’t have fresh leaves. If you use Henna Powder, soak it in water overnight, too. Now, add the fenugreek paste, henna paste and 2 Tbsp. of Mustard Oil to a mixing bowl and mix well. Apply this as a pack to your hair and scalp and let it sit for an hour before washing off.

Henna leaves

Henna Infused Hair Oil for Hair Fall

Is hair fall a major hindrance for your hair growth and volume? Don’t worry, try this simple and easy henna-infused hair oil to curb hair fall.

In a deep iron pan, heat 200 Ml of Sesame Oil and when it begins to heat up, simmer and add 2 – 3 spoons of Henna powder. When the oil changes color, switch off the flame. Set aside and let it cool down. Strain and use this 2 – 3 times a week to curb hair fall.

Conditioning Henna Pack

In a mixing bowl, add 4 Tbsp. Henna Powder, Hibiscus Flower 1 Tsp., Indian Gooseberry Powder 2 Tbsp., Orange or Lemon Peel Powder ½ Tsp. and Fenugreek Powder 1 Tsp. Add enough Yogurt to make a paste and let it sit for an hour or two. Apply this pack to your hair and scalp and let it sit for an hour before washing off.

Henna Remedy for Dandruff

Dandruff? Try this Henna pack for welcome relief from dandruff. In a mixing bowl, add 4 Tbsp. of Henna Powder, 1 Tsp. Fenugreek Powder, 1 Tsp. Hibiscus Powder and ½ Tsp. Orange Peel Powder and mix well. Add 300 Ml of your conditioner to this and mix well. Simmer the mixture and strain after it cools down. Apply this as a pack to your hair and scalp once a week. You can do this till dandruff is curbed and continue it twice a month to prevent dandruff.

Henna Pack for Hair Growth

In a mixing bowl, add Henna Powder about 4 Tbsp. and Indian Gooseberry Powder about 1 Tsp. Add a few drops of Coconut Oil and enough water to make a paste. Mix well and let it sit for an hour. Now, apply this pack to your hair and scalp and wait for an hour or two before washing off.


Henna tends to stain your hair orange-red! So unless you have dark hair, using Henna will leave your hair stained. On the other hand, if you have dark hair – brunette, black or brown, you will have orange-red tints that will shine bright when you head out. If you have lighter hair, opt for other remedies that won’t stain your hair.

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