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Essential Geranium Oil

Styling one’s hair has become a routine for most, while some resort to styling for occasions. This way or that, protecting one’s strands while styling will keep damage to a bare minimum.

So, when you decide to go the styling route, you are probably looking at heat protectants. Whether you use flat iron, a curling iron, blow dryer or hot rollers regularly, it can inflict a lot of damage on your hair. Heat Protectant sprays form a coating on your hair and when you use styling tools, they burn off the moisture from the protectants instead of your hair! Of course, you can buy a heat protectant but the cost and the chemicals make me rethink my strategy.

Essential Geranium Oil

That’s how I came up with the idea of preparing my own heat protectant. I wanted a spray version this time, so it is easier and more flexible than a cream. For this you will need a conditioner, you can either use your conditioner, or choose a conditioner recipe from our long list of conditioners and use them instead!

Now, off to the recipe.


Purified Water – 150 Ml
Avocado Oil – ¼ Tsp.
Argan Oil – 10 drops
Coconut Oil – 3 Tsp.
Hair Conditioner – 1 Cup
Geranium Essential Oil – 15 Drops
Lavender Essential Oil – 5 Drops


In a spritzer, add all the above given ingredients and shake well. Start with the water, then move on to other ingredients in the following order – Avocado Oil, Cocnut Oil, Argan Oil, conditioner and essential oils.

If you have coarser or hard to manage hair, add more of Avocado and Argan Oil, substituting it for Coconut Oil.


How to Use It?

Shake the bottle well before every use – oil and water gets separated without an emulsifier. Spray on your hair and style as usual. You can spray it on wet or dry hair, whatever you prefer. You need a light coating, so misting with this spray would be good. Gently detangle with your fingers, before you begin with styling.

If you don’t have a spritzer and use the heat protectant directly, like pouring it on your hair or applying with your fingers, wait till it is fairly dry before you start styling.

You can use this for straightening, curling, flat iron, curling rods, etc. Any styling method that uses heat, you can use this protectant to protect your hair.


You can refrigerate the spray to keep it fresh and good. It lasts a month or two, easily. However, I prepare smaller batches and use up faster.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

You can use an essential oil of your choice. Chamomile, Clary Sage, Rose, etc. are good options.

You can swap the oils listed here for your favorite oils including Macadamia Oil, Sunflower Oil, Hazelnut Oil, etc.

Don’t have time for DIY Recipes? Try HY Vitamins Hair Care Products. In the interim, let us know your results, requests for specific recipes or topics you want us to cover in the hair care or ingredient spotlight section. We love to hear from you, so keep them coming!