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Hair Care Products

We have already covered that Dandruff is not a problem that can’t be resolved! Here’s what you must know about Dandruff to keep it at bay, control or prevent it and show it the door!

Many say, Dandruff goes but comes back all over again! It is true in a way, but why does it come back? What exactly triggered the come back? If you understand more about Dandruff you can keep it at bay, permanently. Don’t you think?

Use Right Hair Care Products

Everyone uses Shampoo, most use Conditioner, some use Styling Aids. Serums, Detanglers are for special requirements. This way or that, any product you use, should be the right one for you. Your scalp should be clean to stay Dandruff free, but the products you use shouldn’t rip your scalp of its natural oils or nutrients, or pile on build-up. So, pick the right products to match your scalp and hair type, your requirement and make sure your scalp remains clean and neat.

Hair Care Products


Wondering why I am including this here? We have already discussed, Stress and Hormonal Imbalance can trigger Dandruff. Did you know Dandruff signified low immunity? For all these problems, you need adequate rest for your body to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. Get at least 7 – 8 hours of Sleep every night!

Brush / Comb Your Hair

Do you know Brushing / Combing your hair can help reduce Dandruff? It probably helps clear build-up, or promotes better circulation, etc. For whatever reason, brushing / combine your hair right before a hair wash and regularly everyday, keeps Dandruff in check.

Wrap it Up!

Do you travel a lot? No problem, just wear a scarf and cover your hair. This reduces the exposure to pollutants. A clean scalp = Dandruff free scalp!

Sun Protection!

We all use Sun Protection while stepping out? Have you ever though your hair needs coverage too? Besides, excess UV rays will leave your hair dry. A scarf will help protect your Hair from harsh UV rays while you’re out. Again, Wrap it up!

Use a Shower Cap!

Love the pool? Use a Shower Cap when you’re at it. Wondering why? Chlorine in the pool will spoil your hair. Reduce hair and scalp health is one of the reasons for Dandruff. So, if you are hitting the pool, cover your head.


We all know, a few things, but we hardly follow them due to circumstances. While Dandruff might not be contagious, other problems might be. Besides, you never know if others keep their accessories clean and hygienic. Why take that risk? Don’t share your combs or hair brushes. Also, clean them at regular intervals, so they’re tidy.

Give the Hair Dryer a Miss!

Do you use a Hair Dryer? Yes, it is handy sometimes, especially when you don’t have to time to style your hair. But, too much of heat on your hair and scalp, that too, constantly and consistently, will damage your hair roots. You don’t want that do you? With hair roots damaged, your hair won’t get nutrition and leave your scalp undernourished. Then Dandruff will follow!

Do You Have Skin Problems?

Do you know certain skin problems and conditions can result in Dandruff? While Dandruff can occur on its own, it could also be due to Seborrheic Dermatitis, Eczema, Contact Dermatitis, etc. So, if you have skin problems, you are more susceptible to Scalp Conditions, as scalp is essentially an extension of your skin!


Diet plays a key role in your health. Consuming a healthy diet can keep Dandruff at bay. Also, consuming foods that aggravate skin conditions are a NO, if you have or are prone to Dandruff! Last but not the least, say NO to junk food! They’re unhealthy, lack any nutrient value and you need your Vitamins, Minerals, Essential Nutrients, Omega Fatty Acids and what not for healthy hair and scalp!

If you want healthy and happy scalp, try HY Vitamins Hair Care Range – enriched with Moroccan Liquid Gold Argan Oil and carefully chosen herbs and herbal extracts, your hair and scalp will thank you!