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So, we have already added a few ideas for coloring your hair naturally. We are going to give you more ideas for the same, as promised. Ready, ladies and gentlemen?

Coloring Blonde Gray Hairs

Now, grays don’t look profound in blondes initially. But it becomes visible when more gray hairs crop up. Do you know you can get golden tint without using harmful coloring agents? Have you heard about Rhubarb Root? What’s special about this is the golden hue it can give your hair!

Just boil 6 Tsps. of Rhubarb roots in 300 ml water. Let it simmer for 15 minutes and remove from heat. Leave it overnight and use it the next day for golden hair. What’s not to like about it?

Hulls of Walnut

Have you ever seen people removing walnut hulls? If yes, you would have seen they leave a good dose of color on their hands. While it is not easy to use it to color your hair, you can sure use it as a highlighter.

All you got to do is – rub walnut hulls to get the hue to your hair as highlights. Voila!

Want to Restore your Hair Color?

If you just to restore your hair’s original coloring for getting rid of gray hair or patches of gray hair, this tea can come in handy.

Take a handful of Rosemary & Sage leaves. You can use tea bags if you prefer that way.

Brew a strong concoction and use as spray to restore hair health and color. Don’t rinse after spraying. It would take a few weeks for the change.


Spice Rinse

Have dark brown hair? Mix a spoon of allspice and cinnamon. Add ½ Tsp of crushed cloves and bring this mixture to a boil. Remove from heat, filter and use as rinse for restoring your hair’s brown shade.



If you are a brunette, Nettles, Sage and Rosemary are wonderful ingredients you should consider. All you need is a strong brew of these ingredients. You could transfer the concoction to a sprayer and use it as hair spray for restoring your hair color.

You can just seep the leaves in water and use it. You can rinse off after 30 minutes of spraying this to your hair.

Henna Tips

As mentioned in the previous post, using henna as coloring agent is easy. Adding Terps Oil, Geranium Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Niaouli Oil, Cajeput Oil or even Clove Oil can improve the color intensity of Henna. You can just add one of these oils to the paste before application.

Lemon Juice

We all know bleaching is a very common hair procedure adopted by dark-haired individuals to go light – blonde, platinum blonde, etc. If you want to lighten your hair color, lemon juice is your best friend and natural bleaching agent. Just rinse your hair with diluted lemon juice if you don’t have time to add anything else.

These are more ways to color your hair the natural way. Try out these options before you grab another commercial hair color. Don’t have time for DIY Recipes? We have you covered with a premium range of Argan Oil based Hair Care Products from HY Vitamins.