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With festive season in full swing, we all like to look good. After all, this is one season where we could look best and don’t have to feel guilty about it 😉

So, sporting gray hairs wasn’t on the top of my “things I’d like to do list” for the festive season! In fact, looking good like everyone else wasn’t too much to ask. However, I did not want to use chemical colors but I did not have time to apply packs and sit for hours either. I wanted a simpler solution. Besides, with the weather really being cold, I did not want to run the risk of catching cold using Henna. I remembered a different method suggested by one of my friends and decided to give it a shot. The best part – it is easy, hassle-free and takes less time.

Want to know how it is done? Very simple, let’s get going with the recipe and then move on to the other things.



Black Walnut Hull Powder – ¼ Cup or As Needed


Heat up a Cup of water for every Tablespoon of Walnut Powder you take.

Heat up and when hot, switch off, remove from heat and let it steep for an hour or more.


How to Apply it?

Just dip your hair into the mixture and wait for a few minutes, or spray the liquid on your hair and let it air dry. Done!

You don’t even have to rinse out after applying this water to your hair.

How’s the Result?

You get a dark brown shade depending on what color your strands are. Your hair feels soft and silky. It doesn’t leave a residual feeling on your strands or harden it even a bit. However, if you want to, you can rinse out with plain water after it dries off.

Yes! All you have to do is, steep the Black Walnut Hull Powder in hot water for an hour or more to get the color ready for your hair!

Tips on Application

Just make sure you don’t get the solution on your things. Black Walnut is extremely staining and can leave color on your clothing, etc. Make sure to wear simple clothes that you don’t mind getting stained.

You can leave it for longer than an hour for steeping, though I find an hour good enough.

I found ¾ – a Cup per Tablespoon works. I also tried ½ Cup for a stronger brew. It worked well.

I sat in the sun to let my hair dry faster, though some suggested with heat the color stays longer.

I have found using Walnut Hulls and boiling them is easier to filter and use the steeped brew, than using powder. However, both work equally well.

How Many Days Does This Last?

It lasts a month or more, depending on various factors including your hair wash routines and hair care products.

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