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Argan Oil for Skin

With my skin seemingly aging faster than usual, or so I thought, I was becoming rather anxious to restore my skin back to its earlier state or something close to it. This led me to using quite a number of anti-aging products. Unfortunately, none of the products seemed to work. Just as I was about to give-up, a friend of mine who had apparently visited Morocco convinced me to tryout Argan oil. Well, I would be lying to say that I was impressed.

Beauty Argan Oil Uses

As a matter of fact, I was head over heels about the “Liquid Gold”. I mean, with the following daily beauty uses for Argan Oil, who would not be:

Pore Cleanser
Maybe you are not aware of this, but clogged pores greatly contribute to poor skin texture and complexion. The blockage, which is usually caused by dirt, creates a good breeding ground for germs and bacteria. It also affects the blood circulation, perspiration, and aeration of the skin. Fortunately, Argan oil has a stimulating effect that opens up the pores.

Moisturizer for the Face
Massaging a few drops of Argan oil will work wonders on your skin. Doing this early in the morning and late at night helps moisturizing the skin. This not only makes your skin glow, but also stimulates the production of the body’s serum.

Hair Conditioner
Among the many Moroccan Argan Oil Uses, hair conditioning stands out. The oil helps to moisturize the scalp and hair. It also makes the hair follicles stronger. To use it as a hair conditioner, all you need to do is apply it to the hair while wet. This is done immediately after taking a shower.

Facial Mask
We all love using facial masks to rejuvenate our facial skin. Well, better results are achievable thanks to Argan oil. By applying the oil on the mask or adding it to your favorite mask, you will be able to improve your skin tone.

Hair Restorer
While in the course of using the “liquid gold”, I came to realize that the oil also helps in minimizing hair loss.

After using it for a few weeks, I discovered that the quantity of hair left on the comb was much less. My hair also started to have that glossy appearance as if I had applied a chemical.

Facial Scrub
If you are always struggling to get rid of dead skin cells, then you have a reason to worry no more. The “liquid gold” is quite effective as a facial and lip scrub. By simply massaging a few drops on the lips and face, you will be able to get rid of dead skin cells conveniently.

Skin Toner
One of the beauty uses for Moroccan Argan oil that you will highly appreciate is its skin hydrating aspect. The rich oil helps in hydrating the skin, consequently improving your skin tone. All you need to do is simply add a couple of drops to Blossom water of your choice.

Face Glow
If you are looking to have that outstanding and elegant glow on the face, then Argan oil is the right choice. By adding a few drops to the tinted moisturizer, foundation, or bronzer, you will be able achieve the desired face glow. You can balance it for a cloudy, dewy or the luminous blush.

Hair Treatment
Before going to bed, you may apply Argan oil on your scalp and hair. You then cover it with a cap or cloth until the morning. In the morning, you simply wash your hair. Doing this regularly allows the rejuvenation of the hair follicles or roots.

Nail Remedy
Unknowingly by chance, I soon realized that my finger and toenails looked much healthier. The blemish or discoloration that characterized them earlier seemed to have disappeared. On researching more about the product, I came to learn that Argan oil stimulates the growth of “Keratin” found in the nails.

I wouldn’t like to be seen as if I am giving you a lecture, but the results I got from using the Moroccan Argan oil really blew me away. The above are just but a few of the Oil’s Uses. Furthermore, its all rounded effects will also come in handy when de-cluttering your cabinet. Forget about having an assortment of beauty products. With Argan oil, you will be assured of achieving a youthful, flawless, and glowing skin & hair in no time…