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Beautiful and Healthy Black Hair

As mentioned earlier, caring for your crowning glory determines the health, vitality and growth rate of your hair. Choosing a regimen that works for you and sticking with it is very important. Want to know more about hair care?

Do you know people don’t change their hairstyle very often in eastern countries? Consistency is believed to be one of the key factors that determine hair health. They usually stick with their hairstyle and if they have to change it for an occasion or function, they usually do it after washing their hair. It is believed hair strands won’t be strained this way.

Beautiful and Healthy Black Hair

Most of the hair care products they use are natural and often, prepared at home and if they don’t have elders who can assist them with the know-how, they opt for store-bought equivalent ones.

Hair or scalp issues are dealt with naturally as well. Here are few hair and scalp problems with natural remedies.


Dandruff is usually two types – oily and dry. Dry dandruff is often rectified automatically when hair is adequately moisturized, oiled and nourished. On the other hand, oily dandruff can be stubborn and tough to deal with. For mild dandruff, usually coconut oil with a few camphor cubes does the trick. For persistent dandruff, Neem oil is ideal. It is a good idea to soak one’s hair and scalp with Neem Oil for about an hour before hair wash. After hair wash, air-dry your hair and apply the coconut oil with camphor as follow-up. In 2 – 3 weeks, dandruff would be fully dealt with and you can use Neem wash for preventing dandruff in future.

Hair Fall

Hair fall is a common problem that is often related to one’s diet and nutrition. However, stress, health conditions and hormonal imbalance could be other contributing factors for hair fall. Hair oil nourished with herbal extracts is considered ideal for curbing hair loss, while nourishing greens and vegetables are recommended to strengthen hair strands from within.

Split Ends

Split ends are due to dry and damaged hair. While you can use egg white or something similar to hide the split ends temporarily, unless you nourish your hair back to vitality, split ends would remain and dog you. Trim the split ends and treat your hair right to avoid split ends in the future.

Dry and Dull Hair

Nothing works for dull and dry hair like an oil massage. Any nourishing oil should do the trick, though choosing herb-infused oils goes a long way in restoring the lost luster and sheen.

Hair Wash Limitations

Many have problems with frequent hair wash, usually in the form of a cold or sinusitis. Instead of resorting to dry shampoos, adding a few drops of Eucalyptus, Wintergreen or Peppermint Oils in the bathwater and using it for hair wash helps. Besides, washing hair quickly and applying one of the oils right after toweling your hair to your scalp, temples and neck (backside) rigorously helps avoid sinusitis or cold. These oils also curb dandruff and promote hair growth. What’s not to like about killing two birds with one stone?

Bald Patches

Do you know rubbing shallots (small onions) on bald patches helps hair regrowth? Yes, you have to cut the onion into two, insert a crushed peppercorn and rub on the patch. You have to do this daily, at least once or twice a day for best results. This is an Ayurvedic remedy and used to get rid of bald patches effectively.

Hair like skin should be nourished, moisturized, oiled, cleansed and cared for properly. It deserves to be treated gently and carefully for stunning locks. Any hair or scalp problem can be dealt with naturally. Oiling hair after hair is dried is a religious practice followed by women who love their locks in eastern countries. It is hard not to notice how most of them have stunning, long and voluptuous locks.

If you don’t have time for preparing your hair oil or other hair care products opt for high quality natural products like Vitamins Argan Hair Oil, or Shampoo or their hair care products for shiny, healthy and voluptuous locks.