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Hair Wash

We have all washed out hair for as long as we can remember, yet there are many things we don’t know about it! Confused?

Let me clear them up for you real quick! We have already covered hair needs extra care, nourishment and nurturing, just like a plant. However, we tend to forget that often, or just don’t know a few basic things that can do more harm than good. Today, we’re going to learn more about washing hair right and probably, some dos and don’ts.


While we were probably told that washing hair every day is important, it is important to know that washing hair anymore than twice a week is not good. If you have very oily scalp that makes your hair oily and limp often, you can wash it thrice a week. However, twice is ideal and healthy for most.

Hair Wash


Do you know your hair should be sufficiently wet and rinsed off before you add shampoo to your hair or scalp? If you use warm water to wash your hair, it helps open hair cuticles and move dirt or grime trapped in your hair. So, rinsing off with warm water to rinse off your hair first and then applying shampoo is ideal, say hair experts.

Lathering Up

Do you apply shampoo all over your hair? Don’t! You only need shampoo on your scalp and not on your hair. Work up a lather after your apply shampoo on your hair and restrain using shampoo to the roots, scalp and strand length that’s close to the scalp. When you wash off, shampoo will run through the strands and remove any oil in your strands. You need shampoo just on your scalp and close to the roots where oil, dirt and grime will be.

Condition Ends First

If you have long hair, chances of your ends or tips being dry are high. It is a good idea to apply a conditioner or oil to the tips, to make sure they don’t dry up after a hair wash.

Go Easy on your Hair!

Many scrub their scalp hair or cause more friction while washing their hair. The truth is, more friction can lead to permanent hair damage, frizz and cuticle breakage. You don’t want that do you? So, wash your hair and scalp gently. Start at the roots and move your fingers in gentle, vertical strokes and apply medium pressure. Don’t tangle your hair by using circular motions. Smooth out the remaining lather on your strands and wash off.

Condition your Hair

Don’t use the conditioner on your scalp, just on your hair. Also, sebum keeps the roots moisturized and nourished, so keep the conditioner to your hair say from mid-length to tips. Let it sit for a few minutes before washing off, for maximum benefit.

Don’t Repeat Shampoo

Many of us shampoo hair twice. But, in most cases, shampooing once will do. If there was no lather due to build-up or grime for whatever reason, then it is OK to shampoo a second time, but never every time your wash you hair.

These are just a few tips on Hair Wash. Stay tuned for more on Hair Washing and Dos and Don’ts of Hair Wash. Have you tried HY Vitamins Hair Care Range? Let us know if you want to cover a certain topic, recipe or clarify any doubts you may have on hair care.