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Egg Mask for Hair

We’re back from Holidays and ready for the year ahead. Aren’t we? So, want to grow your hair longer, stronger and healthier? Hair Masks can strengthen your hair and also promote hair growth.

Have you ever tried to grow a plant? Hair is very much like it. Hair should be nurtured, nourished and cared for, so it can grow into a healthy and strong strand. If you want lustrous hair that’s shiny and bouncy, keeping it healthy is the only way.

Hair Masks are one way to achieve that. Want to know few Hair Mask Recipes that can work wonders for your hair and promote hair growth?

Egg Mask for Hair

Egg Mask for Hair

Take a cup of Milk, an Egg, juice from one Lemon and enough Olive Oil (2 Tbsp.).

If you have oily scalp, skip the Yolk and use the White alone. For any other scalp type, you can use the whole Egg. Whisk the Egg in a mixing bowl thoroughly.

Now, add in the other ingredients one after the other and whisk to combine. You need a cup of milk if your hair is shoulder length, or more.

Once combined, work the mixture into your scalp by massaging your scalp with the mixture.

Apply on your hair and cover your head with a shower cap. Wait for 20 minutes before washing off your hair with cold water – don’t use warm or hot water if you don’t want the egg to get cooked and get stuck to your strands ;).

This is one of the best masks out there to strengthen your hair and nourish it.

Yogurt Mask

Take a Cup of Yogurt of less (depends on your hair length and volume), a spoon of Honey and a spoon of ACV. Mix well.

Apply this mixture to your scalp working you way from roots to the tips of the strands. Wait for 15 minutes before rinsing off.

Rich in nutrients and probiotics, Yogurt is one way to nourish, moisturize and nurture your hair and scalp, while also regulating scalp’s sebum levels.

Banana Mask

If you want to nourish your dry or frizzy hair, while also regulating scalp’s sebum levels and strengthen your hair, try Bananas! Bananas are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and potassium. In short, they’re powerhouses of nutrition. They’re also extremely moisturizing and can leave even dry and frizzy hair shiny and alive!

Take a ripe Banana or two (depending on your hair volume), a spoon each of Coconut Oil, Honey and Castor Oil.

Mash the Bananas or blend them in a blender.

Now add in the Oils and Honey and mix well.

Apply the mixture to your hair and scalp and wait for 20 minutes before washing off.

Avocado Mask

If your hair is brittle, dry and needs rejuvenation, Avocados are just what you need for rejuvenating your hair.

Mash a ripe Avocado and add in 2 spoons of Argan Oil and ¼ Cup Milk. Mix well and apply this as a mask to your hair and scalp. Wait for 15 minutes before washing. It is a good idea to use whole milk, preferable raw.

Want more mask recipes? Stay tuned – we will be adding more recipes you can use along with the ingredients and their benefits soon. Till then, use HY Vitamins Hair Care Range for healthy hair and scalp.