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Vitamins Argan 100 Product Description

Every other day, we hear about a new discovery that’s revolutionary. Even so, they hardly last long enough and more often, serious problems are likely. Women want to be more careful with what they use on their hair, so tried and tested natural options are their first choice. While a few years are probably convincing, wouldn’t be inclined to try something that’s been around and used for centuries with unparalleled results? Argan oil is used by the Berber women in Morocco for centuries, which they claim gives them blemish-free skin, enviable hair and also keeps them fit. The Vitamins Argan 100 pack of 2 includes original Argan oil that’s made better with the inclusion of potential herbal ingredients…

What is the Vitamins Argan 100 all About?

vitamins Argan 100 Pack of 2The Vitamins Argan 100 is a Moroccan hair oil treatment in the premium Argan Gold segment, an excellent daily leave-in hair treatment suitable for all hair types.

Argan oil is antioxidant rich and loaded with Vitamin E and Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids.
The non-greasy, unique etheric oil complex of Argan oil is maintained even when potent herbal extracts are added, making it extremely effective.

This original Argan oil is utilized to retain the benefits intact.
It is non-greasy and readily absorbed, leaving your hair silky, shiny and manageable. Love your looks, but want to take good care it though you try out different looks and styles?

Vitamins Argan 100 is your best friend, to keep your hair nourished without compromising on the shine, volume or glamour quotient.

It also ensures your hair is not affected by harmful UV rays, other environmental factors or excessive styling.

It rejuvenates, protects, nurtures and makes your hair manageable, while enhancing hair regrowth and health.

Do you know Argan 100 is salt free, sulfate free and alcohol free as well?

What Ingredients are in the Vitamins Argan 100?

Undoubtedly, Argan oil is good by itself! With added herbal extracts, the results are beyond expectations. Want to know why?

Argan Oil: Argan oil has 80% unsaturated fatty acids, off which essential fatty are more predominant namely Oleic acid, Alpha-linolenic acid, Palmitic acid, Linoleic acid, Myristic acid, and Stearidonic acid.

This is further enhanced with Ginkgo Biloba, a top-selling herb in the US for treating hair thinning. It further stimulates blood circulation to the body’s peripherals and promotes hair growth and strength.

Sea Buckthorn Oil: It is very rich in active and essential ingredients vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids antioxidants and used in numerous anti-aging and cosmetic products is also included. It is also readily absorbed and helps treat several hair conditions.

Kava Kava (Piper Methysticum): It is another traditional herb and used for its ability to relax the nervous system and treat several skin and scalp conditions. We all know any existing scalp conditions can curb hair growth and trigger hair thinning and damage.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis): It is an evergreen shrub from Mediterranean region and typically used in hair care and skincare products for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antioxidant properties, and also for its inherent ability to stimulate scalp and promote hair growth.


This unique oil complex combination makes it a great hair oil for treating hair thinning, hair loss and other hair and scalp related conditions as well…

How do I Use the Vitamins Argan 100?

vitamins argan 100 pack of 2You can use Argan 100 as a regular leave-in hair treatment, as it gives your hair added shine and manageability, without making it greasy.

It suits all hair types and very good for treating any hair or scalp related issues you may have like hair loss, hair thinning, split ends, stunned hair growth, dry and dull hair, frizzy hair due to excessive styling, use of chemicals and heat, etc.

Do you scalp problems (dry or itchy scalp and dandruff) can be managed and eliminated by the use of Vitamins Argan 100?

Where Can you Buy the Vitamins Argan 100 Pack of 2?

vitamins argan 100 pack of 2I bought the Vitamins Argan 100 at Amazon since they have a launch promotion going on right now.

You can buy in Amazon US the Vitamins Argan 100 in a pack of 2 bundle at a very attractive discount offer so you will need to take advantage of it right away…

When you buy two packs of this wonderful product, you can save more than $10…

Who is the Vitamins Argan 100 Relevant to?

Everyone can use this product! Though they hype is around its anti-aging benefits, it can be used by everyone out there and for all hair types…

Does Vitamins Argan 100 Actually Really Work?

Being into Argan oil manufacturing and creation of related products for more than twenty years, H.Y. Vitamins is a brand you can trust.

All their products are well-researched, tried and tested, and available on retail only recently.

Until a few years back, these products were reserved ONLY for luxury hairdressing salons… Now you can have a taste of this beneficial product and at a great price too…

Vitamins Argan 100 Product Description

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