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Argan Oil Benefits for Hair Skin

Argan Oil is a hot property and an enviable addition to beauty and cosmetic products. Many beauty products add Argan Oil for its anti-aging and rejuvenating properties. Elixir was believed to bestow human beings (mortals) with immortality or eternal youth.

Though there were hunts done to find these elixirs throughout history, they weren’t successful. However, they were able to identify few herbs or plants or trees that can bestow humans with long life, or youthful looks. Argan Oil comes under this category and known for its elixir-like qualities.

Cooking: In Morocco, Argan Oil is also used in culinary and the process of cosmetic, vs. culinary Argan Oil has slight differences. For cooking, the nuts are roasted and then the oil is extracted, unlike for beauty or cosmetic products, where it is extracted raw.

Though not used for cooking exactly, it is used as a taste enhancer in salads, or for foods that don’t require high heat. Using a few drops of cooking Argan Oil is said to reduce cholesterol levels and also, effectively prevent diabetes, heart problems and several types of cancers.

It has a nutty aroma and rich in triglyceride and antioxidants. Did you know it is also a great stress buster? It is also said to soothe arthritis and rheumatism pains, besides improving nail, skin and hair health. What are you waiting for? Swap this liquid gold instead of olive oil, today! It is ideal to consume 1 – 2 spoons per day for getting maximum health benefits. However, this oil tends to lose many benefits with excessive heating, so using it as dressing retains most benefits and nutrients.

Hair: Why do many products list Argan Oil in their ingredients? Argan Oil is known for its high nutrient and antioxidant content. Applying this oil is believed to promote healthy hair growth and prevent frizz, split ends and other hair and scalp problems including dry and itchy scalp.

Regular applications strengthen hair shafts and add volume and shine naturally. Hair becomes more manageable and lustrous, yet does not look greasy or oily when applied to hair.

Skin: Argan Oil is rich in Vitamin E and A, key nutrients for skin health. When applied, it hydrates and nourishes the skin, leave it supple and smooth. Owing to the high anti-oxidant content, it fights aging signs like wrinkles, age spots and lack of shine, and gives skin the elasticity that gets lost with age.

It is also known to help treat skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, etc.

Argan Oil Benefits for Hair Skin

Do you Argania tree isn’t widely available? Yes, Morocco boasts the lion’s share of this tree, though a few areas in Israel also have Argania trees. Any efforts to cultivate it elsewhere proved futile! The cumbersome extraction process of Argan Oil and the limited availability make this oil rare and costly.

Do you know about 50 kilograms of seeds might be needed, to extract about ½ liter of oil? And the extraction process is not easy either! Even in this century, Argan Oil extraction is for most part, done manually. The efforts to automate it turned futile, leaving most of the work to be done the local women in Morocco. That’s also one reason why we get the goodness of this oil in whole!

These Argan Oil benefits are just a few and it has been used in Morocco for ages. However, it has gained visibility and appreciation in the West only recently, where it is now hailed as a “super food”.

Many women in Morocco credit Argan Oil for their hair, skin and health! With researches seconding their claims, there’s no reason why it should not become a staple in your homes! Today, getting pure Argan Oil can seem to be a costly affair; though you can always try Argan Oil infused beauty products.

If you have thin and unruly hair, Argan Oil serum or hair care products can come in handy. There are several Argan oil based products, which you can try. The key is to find a company that uses high quality original oil for maximum benefit and results…