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Woman Brushing Her Long Hair

We were discussing more about caring for straightened hair. So, here’s more on hair care tips for keeping your hair healthier and stronger.

Reduce the Frequency of Straightening

When you straighten your hair, try and retain it longer. By going for styles that wouldn’t hamper straightening and using shampoos meant for treated hair, washing less often, hair tends to remain straight longer. This means, you can go longer between straightening. In other words, treat your hair with TLC it deserves.

Right Brush / Comb

Unlike earlier, there are a lot of tools and accessories nowadays. While it is good, we should also know how to use what and when. For example, using combs or brushes meant for curly hair wouldn’t do, if you have straight or relaxed hair. However, after straightening, your comb or brush should be ideal for your hair. This way, you can retain your hair straighter longer and not strain it.

Woman Brushing Her Long Hair

A broad-toothed comb or brush is just what you need, since narrowed ones can cause hair breakage or damage. Besides, with broad-toothed brush or comb, you get rid of tangles easily. It is a good idea to brush or comb your hair, twice daily.

Herbal Shampoos

Do you know you can use herbal shampoos? While there are many brands that have products designed for treated hair, naturally nourishing and caring ingredients are what you need. This will strengthen and nourish your hair, without damaging it further like chemicals do. Some herbal ingredients like Fenugreek help with straightening, so they’re a good choice to retain the straightening you did, longer.

Bring the Spa Home

While going to a spa is a great experience and one must try it sometime, not everyone can afford it. Besides, there’s no need to go to a spa, if you are ready to do some work. If you know what they do in a spa, you’re good. For those who don’t know, you don’t need anything fancy. You will need a pot full of steaming hot water, dry and clean towel and if you want the ambience, an essential oil or two!

For hair spa, all you need to do is – cover the pot with water with the towel and when it is moist, wrap it on your head. When hair absorbs moisture from the towel, remove and let your hair loose. This usually takes ten minutes, depending on the towel you use – a terry towel works best and it can hold more moisture. When your hair dries, you will see the difference this method offers.


Do you know preparing your own hair care products works better? Yes, you don’t something complicated. For example: Use honey to moisturize or hydrate your hair when it is dry or frizzy, or cleanse your hair with mild herbal washes that you can prepare easily, etc. The best part – you can customize and make it personal, according to your requirements and preference. Isn’t that great?

Say NO to further Styling!

Using hair spray or even using a dryer can harm and damage your hair further. So, skip hair sprays or other products that are comprised of chemicals, and swap it for natural ingredients where relevant. Avoid using a dryer and stick to air drying your hair – one this will reduce the use of heat and the resulting damage, besides, heat treatments will leave your hair dull in the longer run.

Last but not the least – protect and nurture your hair. When you do these simple things, your hair will thank you. If you don’t have time to prepare you own DIY hair care products, try HY Vitamins Argan Hair Care Range.