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Gray Hair

Katam is also called the Black Henna. Katam Buxus Dioica is a popular natural dye for hair but if you’re considering it, here are few things you must know before you do that.

We have already shared a recipe using Katam earlier. The dyeing agent comes from the leaves of Katam plant and can dye hair dark brown with a hint of purple.

Katam isn’t a new ingredient and has been used for coloring hair for a while and is making reappearance, after the space was dominated by the more popular Henna and Indigo. Katam plant is from Yemen and quite rare, hence not very cheap.

How is Katan Used for Dyeing or Coloring Hair?

Generally, Katam Powder is mixed with other ingredients like Cinnamon Powder and Henna Powder in the ratio of 30% each of Cinnamon and Henna Powder, with 40% of Katam Powder, though the ratio can be altered according to your preference, requirement and hair color.

Why is Katam Applied in Two Steps?

Since every herb has different textures and may or may not mix well together, when you want a darker finish, it is recommended to use Katam in two steps – Henna application fist and then, Katam application the next day. This is said to be more important when covering grey hair – when all your hair is completely grey or looks grey or white for the most part.

Gray Hair

Can I use Katam to Cover Greys or Whites?

Katam is ideal if you want to cover greys or whites, or just color or highlight your hair. When mixed with Henna, it gives a dark purple brown shade that’s’ unique, as no other natural dyes give that purple tint. On the other hand, applying Katam directly to white or grey hair, will only darken it and not fully color it. It is a great way to get rid of greys naturally, for this very reason.

Can I apply Katam in a Single Application?

Yes, you can apply in a single application, though the results might vary from that of two-step process.

Single step process is ideal if you aren’t looking for a black or closer to black finish with Katam and fine with shades of brown and purple.

Some can’t leave their hair wet or wash often due to health constraints, so they can go with single application, as well.

What Shades Can I Get Using Katam?

To get a brown color, just mix Katam with warm water and apply on your hair.

If you are looking to get dark brown or purple shade, apply Henna the first day and rinse off after a few hours. Then, apply Katam and let it sit for 4 – 5 hours and rinse off.

If you are looking at black with purple hint, you might need more than one application for that shade, since it will brown or dark brown at first, before it moves to black.

How Long Does Katam Take to Wear Off?

Unlike other dyeing options like Indigo, Katam doesn’t wash off fast. During the first two washes after applying Katam, color runs out a bit. But after that, it doesn’t. While the color looks intense right after applying it does lighten after two washes but remains so after that. It lasts for 3 months or more, though depends on your hair color and hair care routine.

Can I Mix Katam Paste for Single Application Together?

It is recommended to do it like this: Mix Henna Powder and Warm Water to get a paste and set aside for at least 30 minutes. Then, mix Katam Powder and Warm Water and add Henna Paste along with this and any other ingredients you are using and apply. You don’t have to wait after preparing Katam Powder, unlike Henna.

Can I use Yogurt or Other Ingredients for Making Paste?

It is recommended to use Warm Water, especially if you are gog with a single-step procedure. This way, the dye is released is a natural environment and catches on faster and better.

Can I Mix Indigo Powder with Katam Powder?

Yes, you can. If you are looking at a darker finish like Black, you can add Indigo along for the ride.

Can I Store Katam Paste?

No, unlike Henna, Katam can’t be stored and should be discarded if there are any leftovers.

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