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We were looking at why Sea Buckthorn is a great ingredient for skin and hair care recently. As promised, here’s the next part on the benefits this wonderful oil offers.

Cell Regeneration

Do you know Seabuckthorn Oil promotes cell regeneration and repair, which means, more good cells on your scalp? Not just your scalp, cell regeneration works for your skin too. After all, scalp is an extension of your skin!


Clears and Cleans your Hair Follicles

Hair Follicles can get clogged from time to time. Seabuckthorn can clean your clogged hair follicles, which means, better absorption of nutrients.

Demodex Mite

Do you know Seabuckthorn Oil can kill Demodex Mite? According a Chinese research done in 2009, human demodex parasite can live on one’s skin and hair follicles, creating problems like hair loss, rosacea, enlarged pores, ache, premature graying, etc. It also feeds off on your nutrients; so killing them off can take care of scores of hair and skin problems. Isn’t it?

Improves Hair Elasticity

Hair Elasticity is one of the factors that show hair’s strength. With wear and tear, lack of nourishment or other factors including ageing, Hair Elasticity can come down. Seabuckthorn Oil improves it and keeps your hair healthy and bouncy!

Protects Hair Shaft

Heat treatments, chemicals and excessive styling can all leave your hair shaft damaged. Using Seabuckthorn Oil you can nourish your hair and scalp, protect your cuticles and sport healthier hair.

These are just the key uses of Seabuckthorn Oil. Do you know there are legends about Seabuckthorn? Yes, according to legends, Greeks used it as part of racehorse diet centuries ago. That’s why the botanical name is “Hippophae”, which means shiny horse.

Another legend states that Seabuckthorn leaves are preferred food of the mythical or legendary Pegasus or the flying horse. The Tibetan medical classic-the rGyud Bzi records Seabuckthorn as a cure for blood circulation disorders, inflammation, wounds on the skin, to strengthen and balance the functioning of internal organs including heart, kidney, spleen, stomach and liver.

While there’s no way we can verify legends, the medical usage isn’t. It is still used in traditional medicine for myriads of skin, hair and health issues.

How to Use Seabuckthorn Oil?

Just applying it directly on your scalp to stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth, is all you need to do. It is also said to help repair dry or damaged hair and nourish hair and scalp.

Uses of Seabuckthorn Oil

Seabuckthorn Oil has been used for treating numerous skin conditions including burns, open skin wounds, eczema, sun burn, after-surgery wounds particularly from cosmetic procedures or radiation treatments, etc. Besides, it is known for its rejuvenation, regeneration and repairing properties, so widely used in anti-ageing products. As for hair and scalp care, you can use it as is, or combine it with other oils according to your preference and requirements.

If you want to give the best for your hair and skin, Seabuckthorn Oil is one of the ingredients you should incorporate in your daily routine. Now you know why Seabuckthorn Oil is included in HY Vitamins Hair and Skin Care Ranges. It is one of the best foods for your hair and skin. Want to take your hair and skin to an all-new level of wellness? Seabuckthorn is one ingredient you need in your arsenal!