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There are different types of hair typing, some already out of favor and some new ones being popularized. Here’s a quick guide to help you identify your hair type.

There are different hair types and your hair should fall under one of these categories. Many don’t utilize a hair typing system, but it is useful to identify what type of hair you have, so you can come up with a hair routine that works for you.

Knowing your hair type will also help you identify what ingredients / products types would suit your hair and requirements better. Among the many hair typing systems, Andre Walker typing system is more popular.

Straight Hair


As the name suggests this is straight hair and can be classified further into three types, based on their texture as fine, medium and resistant.

Type 1A is straight thin hair, where the hair strands are soft, thin and shiny.

Type 1B hair texture is medium and has more volume than Type 1A.

Type 1C is considered resistant to styling and coarser than Type 1A & B.

Wavy Hair


Wavy hair isn’t very dry or oily and falls between straight and curly. As the name suggests, it is wavy and often bouncy. This is also divided into three further classifications based on the texture.

Type 2A is thin, fine and fairly easy to style or handle. You can style it however you want, or make it straight or curly using styling tools.
Type 2B has waves according to the shape of your head and the texture isn’t as fine as type A.
Type 2C is fairly coarse and frizzy.

Curly Hair


Curly hair has “S” shaped curls and they don’t lay flat, nor are they shiny as other hair types.

Type 3A hair is loose and shiny, with lesser curls.
Type 3B hair has more curls than type A that could be spiral or corkscrew shaped.
Type 3C hair has more defined curls that could either be corkscrew type or spiral.

Kinky Hair


Kinky Hair is also called Tightly Curled Hair and is considered quite difficult or tricky to manage or style. The curls are tightly coiled and the hair strands are fragile and wiry. Though it looks dense and coarse when you look, they’re often very fine strands bunched together. It is more common with African Americans.

Type 4A hair is tightly coiled hair with “S” pattern that look like Curly Hair when stretched.
Type 4B hair is where the curl patterns aren’t as defined and look more like “Z” with angles and bends that are sharp.
Type 4C hair is when the coils are more denser and don’t fall under A or B.

But basically, the hair types are 4 and though there are ways to identify your hair type, this typing is more common and there are a few additions to the Andre Walker’s Typing System in this article, to make the typing complete. The recent hair typing methods are still in the works and this is by far the most popular and followed typing system.

This gives you an idea of where you hair falls under, for now. We will be adding on your scalp and how it factors in your hair care regimen soon. Till then, stay tuned and check out HY Vitamins Argan Hair Care Range for your hair requirements.