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egg protein for hair

Hair Elasticity can be determined using Tug Test and then, depending on the results you could work towards restoring your hair. Here are few tips to determine Hair Elasticity and Restoring it.

Tug Test

To determine the Hair Elasticity, Tug Test is used more often. Healthy hair is when it is stretchy, while hair that’s not healthy tends to break under stress.

For performing Tug Test wet a portion of hair and take 2 – 3 strands. Hold it between your index and thumb fingers and tug gently / pull on the ends.

If the hair stretches 1/3rd of its original length and then goes back to where it was earlier, it is healthy. On the other hand, if it breaks off while you are checking it is brittle and if it is gummy or sticky, it is damaged.

Hair Elasticity

Basically, hair elasticity is the ability of the hair to expand and go back to its original position when it is pulled and released. The pulling is fairly gentle and not harsh. That’s why the test is called Tug Test – where the hair is tugged, or pulled gently.

Healthy Hair

All is good when you hair elasticity test turns out good. You can continue with your hair routine and maintain it. Just regular oiling, conditioning and deep conditioning or masks when needed, should do.

Brittle Hair / Damaged Hair

Both brittle and damaged hair needs work and restoration or nursing back to health. How do you do that?

If the hair is brittle, deep conditioning should usually do the trick. A deep conditioning treatment once a week, oil massages and hair masks for strengthening should be good to restore your hair’s elasticity.

As for damaged hair, deep conditioning alone wouldn’t be enough. Hair strengthening is also needed. Keratin treatments are usually suggested for damaged hair. Though egg or other protein treatments that you can do at home work equally well.

egg protein for hair

When hair is brittle or damaged, it is a good idea to avoid heat treatments, chemical treatments, hair dryers, etc.

Air-drying your hair is ideal, though you can use blow dryer without heat occasionally.

Also, washing your hair too often should be avoided.

Using mild or natural shampoos is ideal and chemical-based preparations should be avoided for faster rejuvenation and restoration.

Consume a healthy and balanced diet and ensure all micronutrient and macronutrient requirements are met.

It is important to understand that damaged hair needs longer time to restore than brittle hair. Even when your elasticity test comes out healthy, keep nourishing, nurturing and feeding your hair. You don’t it to go into the brittle or damaged category – just take care your hair stays healthy.

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