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Perming is a process where the shape of your hair is changed using chemicals. Understandably that needs special care, so your hair doesn’t end up being damaged. So, how should you care for your hair after perming?

As mentioned earlier, perming is a process where the shape of your hair is altered. The change in shape happens because the chemicals used for the process, break the bonds of your hair shaft and make it possible to reshape your hair. Strong chemicals are used for this process and once the bonds are broken, shape of hair is changed using rollers or hot rods.


Basically, we all think the grass is green on the other side of the river and try different things. Those with straight hair think curly hair looks good, while they think vice-versa. Many resort to perm, to get rid of kinky or curly hair, or even straight but flat hair. Some resort to perm for a change in style, while some use it to get manageable hair, or as a way to get volume by those with straight but flat hair. Now that the process is done, or you’ve decided to go for it, let’s take a look at how to care for hair after. Shall we?

Avoid All Hair Treatments

You’ve decided you are going for perm and understand it takes a toll on your hair. So, to reduce the toll, put a stop to all other hair treatments including but limited to hair coloring, or other styling treatments or products.

Nourish & Strengthen Your Hair

While perming will offset your hair and scalp, you can reduce the level of impact it can have. You can do that by treating your hair and scalp to nourishing and strengthening treatments before and after the process.

Deep Oil Conditioning, Hair Masks and Protein Packs and other natural treatments that will repair, strengthen, nourish and heal your hair and scalp are ideal.

Switch Your Products

Products you used before perming might not work after. You will need milder products, probably designed for treated and damaged hair. They’re meant for treated hair and hence are mild and also, strengthen and nourish your hair.

Style Right

Perm is one style where styling time can be reduced, because you don’t have to style much, or at all! What you can do is, don’t use styling tools that will pull or strain your hair a lot like a hairband that’s too tight, pulling up your hair for a high ponytail, using clips that clutch your hair too tight, etc. Go with soft cloth bands, clips or pins that don’t hold your hair tight, etc.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Often

Don’t shampoo your hair more often than necessary. Shampoos leave your hair and scalp dry. So keep washing to a bare minimum.


While you skimp on the shampoo, pile on your conditioner. You need conditioner now, all the more than before, to top-up the lost moisture and nourishment for your hair. You can see your hair look dry more often than before and a conditioner can fix that right up.

These are just a few tips to keep your hair shiny and healthy, post perming. If you want healthy and happy tresses, try HY Vitamins Argan Oil enriched Hair Care Products.