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argan oil for hair

So, we have all heard about how good Argan oil is and know it’s a great add-on to your make-up kit. But do you know how you can use Argan oil for your hair? Do you how to address specific issues with Argan oil? Do you want to learn about a few recipes that can come in handy?

Argan Oil Nutrients

Let’s start with nutrients that are found in Argan oil, before we move into the recipes. Argan oil is loaded with Vitamins E, D and A, besides being rich in essential fatty acids like phenolic acid and phenols, phytosterols called feulic acid and antioxidants like carotene and squalene, etc. It’s this super potent combination that makes Argan oil the best you can give your skin, or hair.

Argan Oil Benefits

It’s a great hair tonic, which nourishes and protects the hair from hair thinning, hair loss, damage due to styling and pollution and also helps treat scalp issues like dry or itchy scalp and dandruff. If you can get a bottle of pure Argan oil, you can come up with astonishing and potent recipes at home.

Do you know Argan oil is light, non-greasy and excellent carrier oil? If gets absorbed readily and does not leave a greasy note on your hair, which means you can wear it even when you step out. Also, you can comfortably mix essential oils with Argan oils to prepare a potent hair tonic depending on your requirements.

For most working women and adolescent girls, there’s not much time to care for hair. A quick but effective hair tonic that rescues hair can come in handy. For a quick hair repair and rescue treatment, follow this easy Argan Rescue Recipe!


Recipe: Quick Argan Rescue


Argan Oil – 100 ml
Rosemary Essential Oil – 4 – 5 drops

In a bottle of 100 ml Argan oil, add 4 – 5 drops of Rosemary essential oil and shake well. That’s it!

Take a few drops of the oil you prepared in your palm and use your fingers to apply it on your scalp gently. You can apply it to wet hair right after shower, or apply it after your hair is dry. You will need only a few drops of this nourishing hair tonic to restore and repair your hair.
If you hair strands are dry towards the tip, or if you have split ends, feel free to dab a few drops to bid adieu to split ends and dry hair strands.

Goodness of Rosemary Essential Oil

You have already read about the nutrients in Argan oil. But why we are adding Rosemary essential oil to prepare the tonic, you may wonder! If you don’t know about Rosemary essential oil benefits, read on.

Rosemary essential oil has tons of benefits, including relieving muscle pains, or cold and even sinusitis. It is a stimulating oil and used for rejuvenating massage, or even for combatting cellulite. That aside, as for its hair benefits, it is a wonderful tonic for your scalp and hair.

If you have darker hair, it’s even better!
It can rejuvenate your hair, stimulate blood circulation in your scalp, eliminates bacteria that clog hair follicles and boosts hair luster and shine, naturally. What more can you ask for? It’s rated among the best treatments for treating hair loss.
Do you know Rosemary essential oil doubles up as a perfume and is known for its fragrance? If your man loves your tresses, this is one more reason to dab Rosemary oil to your hair!

That’s not all. Derived from Rosemary plant, this oil is useful for treating dandruff or itching and flaky scalp. Tired and embarrassed about that flaky stuff all over your tresses and dress? Bid adieu to it with 2 – 3 drops of this powerful essential oil.

Do you know your hair will grow longer and stronger with Rosemary oil? Besides, it is an excellent conditioner and leaves your hair soft and manageable. What more can you ask for? Imagine combining these two potent oils for a quick hair rescue and rejuvenation? If you have lost hair recently, or seen your hair thinning off late, it’s time to start this rescue treatment right away!

If you want to know more interesting hair care recipes, check back for more! This is the first of the many interesting and easy DIY recipes that will follow.