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We all know oil massage is great for your hair and scalp. Here’s a natural recipe that helps deal with scalp problems like dandruff. Want to know more?

Scalp problems are many. The common ones include dandruff, scalp psoriasis, seborrheic eczema, etc. This oil can help combat those problems and with regular applications curb them. So, ready for the recipe?


Coconut Oil – ¼ Cup
Neem Oil – ¼ Cup
Tamanu Oil – 2 Tbsp.
Jojoba Oil – 2 Tbsp.
Wrightia Tinctoria Leaves – 1 Cup
Tea Tree EO – 4 Drops
Lavender EO – 2 Drops
Camphor – 2 or 3
Argan Oil – 5 Drops


This is a traditional recipe. But you can make a few changes to suit you.

Add the Wrightia Tinctoria leaves to the coconut oil and let it sit in sun for a few days.

When the oil is seeped thoroughly, filter it and add Neem oil, Jojoba oil, Tamanu oil and Camphor pieces to it.

Heat it in your double boiler and remove when the camphor is dissolved.

Wait for a few minutes and then add Argan Oil and Essential Oils.

Mix it and use as needed.


How to Apply?

The oil should be warm to touch not too hot.

Brush your hair to remove tangles.

Now, dip your fingers and apply the oil in gentle circular motions into your scalp. Apply generously and wait for 30 – 45 minutes before showering.

Recommended application is twice a week for best results.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

If you don’t get the Wrightia Tinctoria leaves, or want a ready-to-use recipe, buy the Wrightia Tinctoria oil. Substitute it for Coconut Oil (it is usually prepared with coconut oil, unless stated otherwise). Mix the oils heat up and follow the other steps as given above.

You can skip the EO or add them, depending on their availability.

If you don’t get Tamanu Oil or Jojoba Oil or both, skip them and add more Coconut Oil. I stick with Olive Oil and Coconut Oil because I get them more easily.

Prepare fresh batches every time you use this recipe for best results. Though since all ingredients are oil-based, you can store if you can some oil remaining.

I substitute Lavender, Cajiput EO, Eucalyptus EO, Peppermint EO, Sea Buckthorn Oil, etc. from EO in this recipe from time to time. They’re all good and work well for dandruff, psoriasis, eczema, etc.

Why These Ingredients?

Wrightia Tinctoria is proven to aid with healing Psoriasis and Dandruff and is used widely in Asian countries for this purpose.

Neem Oil is another ingredient with numerous skin and hair benefits that help deal with scalp problems including dandruff.

Camphor is known for preventing dandruff and used in traditional hair oil recipes.

All the ingredients added in this recipe are healing and help bring down scalp issues.

Don’t have time to prepare DIY recipes? We have you covered with HY Vitamins Hair Care Range. Only high quality Argan oil and herbs are used in a traditional preparation method that ensures you get the best for your hair.