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healthy hair

We have seen more on the types of scalps and I promised we would talk more about hair types. So, we are going to look at the different questions many have on hair and also, talk about a few myths surrounding hair. Shall we?

We have seen all about hair types, in our previous post here. But, we have heard terms like Dry Hair, Healthy Hair, Damaged Hair, Frizzy Hair, etc. What do they mean? Are they actually hair types? In a way yes, but they’re more to do with hair health and texture than type.

Dry Hair

Undoubtedly, the hair is dry. It could be because your scalp type is dry, but it could also be due to lack of moisture or hydration. It is important to understand that dry hair isn’t a hair type, rather a hair condition! This could be due to various reasons including damage, but since we are going to look at damaged hair separately, we are going to keep this more about moisturization and hydration.

Do you washing your hair more often can make it dry? Even using harsh shampoos or hair care products can leave your hair dry. In most cases, dry hair is the first stage of damage, or the first visible sign for hair damage. Avoiding excessive styling and use of chemicals help. The key is to ensure you hair is moisturized and hydrated at all times. That should fix dry hair.

Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is when your hair strands are strong – irrespective of your hair type, they’re strong and also, shiny. One of the key traits of healthy hair is that it isn’t dry or oily, is shiny and strong. This type of hair needs less care, but general hair care routine that involves cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing, conditioning, etc. should do. Basically, you just maintain it, you’re probably already right in treating your hair if it is healthy.

healthy hair

Damaged Hair

When you do excessive styling, use a lot of chemicals on your hair, don’t treat it right or probably due to health reasons, your hair could get damaged. In most cases, depending on the intensity of damage, your hair could need more than a little TLC for restoration. Many can’t restore their hair to its former glory, depending on the damage levels.

Damaged hair should be nourished, moisturized, hydrated and cared for extremely carefully. Hair masks, protein masks and nourishing oils and moisturizers are important. Healing ingredients like Aloe Vera, Argan Oil, Castor Oil, Avocado Oil or the like are known for their rejuvenation and repairing properties, and can be a good add-on(s) to your hair care routine.

Frizzy Hair

Again, this is more of a hair condition, than type. Frizzy hair could be a daily or occasional battle, and can be quite frustrating. Basically, your hair looks lifeless or dull and is difficult to style.

The hair lacks moisture and is usually coarse to touch. Excess humidity, hair damage, chlorine in swimming pool or even lack of moisture can cause frizz. This is more common with Curly hair and the hair is usually bunched up due to tangles. Conditioning, moisturizing and hydrating can help, while nourishment and repair might be needed too.

While these are probably temporary, they should be taken into consideration while you are working on your hair routine. Also, your hair care ingredients should be picked according to your hair requirements.

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