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Water Hyssop

We’ve been seeing a few Natural Remedies for Hair Thinning. Along the same lines, here are few more natural remedies you can try.

Hair Thinning is a condition where hair loss is consistent, persistent and uncontrollable, leading to loss of hair volume and also, with time, thinning of hair shafts this leading low density of hair. That’s one reason why we counter hair loss, while also strengthening hair.

Water Hyssop

An ancient remedy, Water Hyssop is known for its ability to promote new growth by stimulating your scalp. You can either prepare Water Hyssop infused Oil or buy it, and massage your scalp with it. Wait for at least 45 minutes, before you wash off your hair.

Water Hyssop

Hops Flowers

Known for their ability to promote hair regrowth, Hops Flower infused Oils are used for ages for dealing with Hair Loss and Hair Thinning. Hops flower oil is also an anti-septic and can prevent hair loss that’s triggered due to microbial infestation. A good idea would be prepare Hops Infused Oil or buy it and massage your scalp with it at least an hour before hair wash.

Hibiscus Flowers

Both Hibiscus Leaves and Flowers are used in Hair Care. Get a handful of Hibiscus Flowers – you can use both dried and fresh. Add coconut oil and grind it to a smooth paste and apply to your scalp regularly. It not only reverses hair loss and hair thinning, it also prevents premature greying and keeps dandruff in check. After applying the paste, wait for a couple of hours before you wash your hair.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and a good moisturizer, Peppermint Essential Oil is a like a package for healthy hair and scalp. When applied to your scalp, it will soothe your scalp, while also dealing with microbial and other causes and promote better hair growth and healthier scalp. Combining Jojoba Oil with Peppermint Oil to massage your scalp before your hair wash is a good way to incorporate this oil into your hair care regimen.


Known for its powerful aroma and anti-fungal and anti-septic properties, adding Thyme to your hair care routine is just what you need to counter hair and scalp issues. Add 5 drops of Thyme to a couple of spoons of carrier oil of your choice and massage your scalp with it to curb hair thinning, hair loss along with other hair and scalp ailments.

Lavender Oil

If you are sensitive, Lavender Essential Oil might be your best bet. An all-in-one oil, Lavender Essential Oil is an anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-fungal and helps treat scores of hair and scalp problems. Incorporating Lavender Essential Oil into your hair care routine can promote hair growth, healthier scalp and better circulation in your scalp. You can combine it with any carrier oil of your choice and do a massage, at least an hour before hair wash.

These are just a few Hair Thinning Remedies that you can try. Most are used for centuries and have a place in alternative medicine hair care remedies or preparations. Don’t have time for preparing your hair care products? Try HY Vitamins for your hair care requirements.