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Girl with a Hat

Come summer, hair tends to get dry and lifeless. Want to know how to care for your hair during these challenging months?

Try incorporating products or ingredients that provide UV protection during summer. For example: Sunflower! During summers, I add sunflower oil as it offers protection against the sun. Yes, it is a natural UV protectant. So, I swap it for Coconut Oil in my hair oil recipe.

During summer perspiration can be higher. So, wear your hair in loose hairstyles so your hair can dry out and sweat doesn’t clog your pores or cause tangles.

Girl with a Hat

Wear a hat or scarf when heading out. It offers protection from harsh sun rays. Do you know your hair needs protection from sun rays too? Besides, extended exposure to harsh sun especially around noon can leave your scalp damaged. Wear a scarf or hat to protect your hair and scalp from the sun.

Blow-drying makes your hair frizzy and also damages your hair. With summer already turning up the heat, you don’t want to worsen it with blow-drying. Air-dry your hair, as much as possible.

It is normal to want to chill out in the pool, or take a dip in the ocean during summers. We all do that and it is nothing to worry about. Just make sure to wash your hair right after exposing it to chlorine (pool) or excess salt (ocean).

Getting frizzy or tangled hair is more common during summers – it could be due to perspiration or lack of enough moisture. Instead of brushing your hair, gently get rid of the tangles using your fingers or a wide toothed, preferably wooden comb. This way, your hair isn’t damaged further and remains in tact (less breakage).

A nice oil massage is a definite yes, during summers! Hair and scalp lack moisture and even scalp oil levels can be a tad less during summers. What better way to replenish the lost moisture and nourishment? Go with nourishing and moisturizing oils like Jojoba, or Argan Oil if you want something lighter.

Reduce the number of products and the volume that you use on your hair and scalp. Shampoo for one can be cut down. While your hair and scalp are already dry and need extra helping of nourishment and moisture, using more shampoo will only rip out your scalp’s natural oils. You don’t want that now, do you?

As much as the heat tends to make you hate the kitchen and slaving near the stove, home cooked and nutrient rich meals are a must. Hair is an extension of your body and only reflects what’s there – so lack of nutrition translates to dull and lifeless hair. Keep your hair’s sheen and shine by consuming a healthy and balanced diet.

Stay calm! Wondering why I am adding that here? You are not alone, if you are still wondering. Summer is already pushing the stakes up for your hair and you don’t want to add to that, do you? Stress worsens your hair and triggers hair loss. Why would you want to add that to the list of expanding hair problems during summer?

These are just a few tips for healthy and happy hair during summer. Stay tuned for more tips and DIY Hair care recipes for stunning locks. Don’t have time for DIY recipes? Try HY Vitamins Hair Care products for head turning locks.