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Wooden Comb

Hair is the crowning glory of women. With proper care, your hair can look stunning. Want to know how to care for your hair?

Women long for strong and lustrous hair, though not many of us are blessed with healthy hair naturally. Hair health is affected by many factors, including one’s diet, stress levels, hair care regimen, one’s health, etc. Even men love their hair, while most don’t grow them out longer, they definitely don’t like hair loss or balding either! However, women are more particular about their looks a reason many products are aimed at women.

It is a belief that brushing your hair 100 times will promote hair growth. While it is not necessary to really brush or comb 100 times, combing or brushing your scalp in all directions for a few minutes every day will blood circulation to the scalp, which will promote hair growth and curb hair fall.

Also, brushing will help distribute scalp sebum evenly and your hair strands will get their dose of moisture and nutrition. Over all, your hair health will improve and you will have lustrous locks. When brushing, make sure you brush in all directions and throw in a few reverse strokes for best results.


Nowadays, most products are modified and natural products are hard to find. Using a wooden comb or brush is very good for your hair health. It reduces static electricity and does a world of good for your hair. When there’s no friction breakage of hair is reduced and you can comb your hair without having to worry about tearing off your strands.

Hair loss is a common problem that often leads to baldness. Bald patches could also be due to other reasons including aging, health conditions etc. They can be embarrassing and many use wigs or modify their hairstyles to hide these patches away. Do you know those bald patches can be dealt with? You don’t have to hide them, but you can deal with them and hair can probably grow once more! Yes, applying licorice regularly is said to help with clearing bald patches and making hair regrow once again.


Not just licorice, applying onions is said to help, as well – it is recommended to use small onion with a peppercorn for best results. Just cut an onion into two halves and insert a peppercorn and rub this on the bald patch every day. This is a traditional method followed in Asian countries for bald patches.

Finding the right hair care products is a tough ask considering the number of products being launched every other day. Some products can be done at home, while some are best bought. Not everyone can do stuff at home, due to hectic schedules or other reasons. In that case, opt for organic, salt, SLS and sulphate free hair products to avoid chemicals-inflicted damage.

HY Vitamins is a company that prides itself in offering only the best hair care products and they use high quality organic Argan oil and their formulae is tried and tested. You can always try our products when you don’t have time for DIY hair care products.