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Do you need a hair care routine? Why do you need a hair care routine? How can you come up with a hair routine that works for me? Do you have these questions and more? Want to know the answers? Read On!

Why do you Need a Hair Care Routine?

Hair routine is important if you want healthy and happy hair. Caring for your hair determines how healthy it is, how fast or long it grows, etc. Hair is considered as woman’s crowning glory, but men love their hair too! If you want to flaunt your hair in style, a hair care routine is a must.


How to Determine a Routine that Works for You?

Basically, a hair care routine revolves around your hair requirements. For this purpose, you should know your hair type, hair elasticity and hair porosity, so you can determine what is ideal for your hair.

Can You Determine Hair Porosity?

Yes, there are tests that help determine your hair porosity levels. Water test is considered the best, though there are other tests you can try too.

Can You Determine Hair Elasticity?

Yes, you can. Hair elasticity is the rate to which your hair can stretch (stretches without breaking and returns to the normal length). Normally, when hair is wet, it can stretch up to to 50% and when dry, it is 20%.

Can you Determine Hair Type?

Yes, you can. Every aspect of your hair including density should be taken into consideration to arrive at the right hair type.

Does Scalp Play a Role?

Yes, the health of your scalp plays a role in your hair health and type. For example: Dry hair is often dry scalp, seeping in to your hair strands (lack of sebum production resulting in dry stands).

What are the Steps in Hair Care Routine?

Cleansing: A very important part of your hair care regimen, cleansing determines your hair and scalp health. You should know what’s the right routine or frequency that’s ideal for your hair.

Conditioning: Usually follows cleansing and a very important step for most. Very few can do without conditioning.

Moisturizing: Moisturizing is another important step for ensuring your hair is moisturized and hydrated.

Sealing: Cleansed, conditioned and moisturized your hair? Retaining the nutrients and moisture comes next and that’s what sealing is all about. Depending on your hair porosity, you might or might not need sealing.

Manipulation: Keeping your hands off your hair is important for hair health – avoiding unnecessary manipulation.

Basically, you have to identify your hair type and requirements, so you can craft a routine around it. Determining a suitable hair routine is half part of the job, while following through is the rest. We’ve covered the basics in hair care routine in this post, but we will be posting more on each step and also, a few sample routines to help you understand the process. Stay tuned!

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