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Have you heard about saying that you don’t know whether is true or not? No worries! We are going to bust a few hair care myths that are often taken to heart!

The More the Shampoo, the Cleaner You Hair!

This is absolutely NOT true! Yes, you need shampoo to cleanse your hair and scalp, no doubts there. But you don’t need more, just enough and the right ingredients. Besides, if you use more shampoo than is needed, you are going to leave your hair and scalp dry and dehydrated!

Repair Split Ends with Conditioner!

You can really NOT repair split ends. You can prevent split ends by caring for your hair properly, but once they crop up, there’s no way around it. You can only trim it to get rid of them! A conditioner can smooth out the ends temporarily, or prevent split ends from appearing, but can’t repair!

Wash Hair Everyday!

This again, is NOT true! The only one who will benefit with your washing your hair everyday are Shampoo manufacturers, while you will bear the brunt of it by leaving your hair starved for nutrients and moisture! Like mentioned in our post about hair care routine, you can wash your hair 2 – 3 times a week.

Leave-in Conditioners are Best!

This is again, NOT true. Many use conditioners interchangeably, but that’s wrong. If you are going for leave-in, you can let it sit in your hair. But if it is a rinse-out conditioner, you should really rinse out your hair after application! However, you should go with what suits your hair requirements and type better. Both conditioners are good in their own way and suit different requirements. The key is using the right conditioner for YOU!

Black Hair is Strongest!

Do you know the reality is black hair is more prone to breakage? Besides, using styling products on black hair is more damaging than other hair types, probably due to the composition! However, irrespective of your hair color or type, the truth is – the right care methods are what determine the strength of your hair.

Brush 100 Times, for healthier Hair!

This isn’t a new one and has been doing the rounds. While brushing your hair does promote better circulation and distributes oil evenly, you don’t need to brush your hair 100 times. A few times would do, rather, brushing too much can hurt your hair and scalp.


Prenatal Vitamins Promote Hair Growth

Many women have observed that their hair growth is better during pregnancy and that’s due to the prenatal vitamins they take. You know what – whenever you take healthy food and lead a healthy lifestyle, with the right care regimen, you hair health is at its best. Prenatal vitamins have nothing special to do it. Many tend to forget during pregnancy most women experience hair loss if hair is ignored or not cared for properly!

Brushing Promotes Hair Growth

While combing hair regularly is important to keep your hair healthy, excessive brushing or combing isn’t good. It only leads to breakage, especially if hair is wet.

These are just a few common hair care myths you shouldn’t believe or follow! We will be adding more such myths in the coming days, along with hair care tips and recipes. So, stay tuned. If you don’t have time to try out the recipes for hair care listed in our site, try HY Vitamins Hair Care products for your hair requirements.