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So, want to know the secret of women with longer, healthier, shiner and happy hair? Here are few habits those women swear by!

Regular Trims

You don’t have to go to a salon to get a trim. All you need are a pair of sharp scissors! Either you can trim your hair, or you can get someone from your family do it for you. The idea is to get the dry and split ends out of your way, so they don’t go further and damage your hair. Regular trims keep split ends to a minimum.

Say NO to Styling!

Ok, so most of style our hair. We use styling products, hair dryer, straightener, curler and what not! However, your hair does need its rest. If you can’t quit styling altogether, at least go natural whenever you can. Give the dryer a miss and let your hair air-dry.

Oil your Scalp!

Drying leaves your hair itchy and under nourished. Also, a healthy scalp needs adequate moisturization and nutrition, which oils can give. So, use oil regularly. I use it right after and before my shower, though you can choose what works for you best.

Say NO to Intricate Styles!

Don’t go for intricate styles that use a lot of manipulation, tight hairstyles or even pull your hair too tightly. Go with loose hairstyles and if you are opting for ponytail, use a band that’s soft and doesn’t pull your hair too much.

Get your Fair Share of Protein

Not just body builders, everyone needs their protein. The key is taking the right quantity for you! Ensure you get enough protein, because proteins make your hair. By skimping on protein, your hair is left undernourished. It goes for Iron too.

Say NO to Hot Showers / Soaks!

Yes, it is lovely to get soaked up in a HOT bath, or shower in really hot water and ease your tired muscles and relieve stress. BUT, HOT water is NOT good for your hair. So, ease up and use tepid or lukewarm water for your hair.


Condition your hair at least once a week. It could be a deeply conditioning oil massage, or mask, or whatever works for you. Conditioning offers the missing hydration and ensures your hair is healthy.

Hands Off!

Don’t use unnecessary traction or manipulation on your hair. Excessive stressing and manipulation or plain disturbance can disturb your scalp and hair health. Why would you want to do that? Keep your hands off your hair and scalp so you don’t traumatize them!

Choose the Right Products / Ingredients!

Hair Care Routine means using the right ingredients and products for your hair. However, just because you figured out what works for you once, it won’t change forever. It changes with season, and probably other factors including your age. So, make sure you get your hair care products and ingredients right and change them by season.

Brush Right!

You can brush or comb your hair, to stimulate your scalp. But use the right tools. Too sharp tools that can scratch your scalp, or break and tangle your hair are not good. Go with wooden combs and brushes with wider teeth, especially if you are prone to tangles.

Try these simple changes and see how your hair flourishes under your care. Don’t have time to prepare your own hair care products? Try HY Vitamins Hair Care Range for healthier, stronger and lustrous hair.