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We’ve seen ways to prevent Premature Graying in our posts here and here. Here are few things you must know about Graying, so you can prevent or deal with Graying the right way.

Causes for Premature Graying

There are many reasons for Premature Graying. The following factors are more common, and it could often be more than one factor.

Hereditary factor is considered the foremost cause for Premature Graying. Most are probably getting grays earlier due to genes.

Do you know Premature Graying is common with individuals who suffer from cold or sinusitis often?

Those who use Hot water to wash their hair are more likely to get premature grays, according to studies.


Psychological factors play a key role in hair health. That’s one reason why Stress takes a real toll on your hair and premature graying is often due to stress. When someone ensures anxiety, depression or stress over a period of time, it results in premature grays. It is due to lack of nourishment and hormonal imbalance caused by stress, which in turn affects the coloring pigment Melanin’s secretion. Not just grays, even hair loss and hair thinning are few other side effects of continued stress and anxiety.

A diet that doesn’t have enough nutrients, particularly Vitamin B, Copper, Iodine and Iron are also considered as contributing factors.

Do you know chronic Anemia can cause Premature Graying? More reasons to ensure you keep your Hemoglobin levels up!

Scalp that’s not cared for enough, using styling tools and hair colors are also considered as possible triggers.

Want to Reverse Graying?

We have all heard about different products for skincare and how they help for different problems. So, what about premature graying? Isn’t that a problem? Doesn’t it deserve a mention? Of course, it does.

Depending on the causative factors and other factors, it is possible to reverse premature graying. We have already seen a few remedies for preventing, curbing and reversing premature grays in our recent posts.

There are also temporary natural rinses and coloring aids that you can use in the interim till your hair color is restore.

You could try the options listed in our previous posts, or this one! This recipe uses Rum 😉

Take ¼ Cup of Water and bring 4 Tbsp. Sage to a boil. Let the water sit for an hour or two and strain it. Now, add 4 Tsp. of Rum, a capsule of Vitamin E Oil and 1 Oz. Glycerin and mix well. Now, apply this mixture using cotton ball on your scalp daily. Eventually, your hair will become darker! What’s not to like about it?

Always use natural ingredients or hair care products manufactured with natural ingredients to avoid hair and scalp damage. Chemicals do more harm than you could ever imagine, so it is wise to stay away. Try HY Vitamins Argan Hair Care Range for healthier, happy and voluminous hair. Their products are also Salt, Sulphate and Alcohol free, all of which leave your hair and scalp dry!