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We are talking about factors that are involved in Hair Routine and how everything must be considered. Along those lines, we are going to delve a bit deeper and look at other factors you must take into consideration while crafting your hair care routine. Ready?

We have already spoken about hair type, steps in hair routine, hair porosity and hair elasticity. We have also explained about the different factors that are involved in hair care routine. Now, we are going to look at the other factors besides such common factors that should be taken into consideration.


Age plays a key role in your hair and scalp health. With age, rejuvenation and repair takes longer, sensitivity can play a role and you might have restrictions on what you can and cannot do. Ingredients that are anti-ageing are ideal when you cross 30, though post 40, they’re a must!


Gender plays a key role in your hair care. While both men and women love their hair, some ingredients can vary based on gender. Example: Most men wash their hair daily, unlike women who wash it 2 – 3 times a week. Gender also is important as some hair and scalp conditions vary between men and women and influence due to hormones and other factors.


Stress decides not just the health of your body, but also your hair and scalp. Do you know many hair and scalp problems including dandruff and hair fall are attributed and worsened due to excessive stress? So, how much of stress plays a role in your life is another factor to consider. This means, you can include a stress management system and choose ingredients that will promote relaxation, if needed.

Hair Issues

Hair fall, stunted hair growth, hair thinning, split-ends, hair damage intensity and hair styling (if or not and how much) are factors you must consider. Wondering why?

Hair fall could be due to an array of reasons, knowing the reason(s) is important to determine a counteraction. Also, if or not hair fall is present will determine how much of care your hair needs.

Hair Growth is another factor that will determine what type of care your hair needs. If you growth rate is low or stunted, you need to take measures to deal with it.

Hair Type – dry, oily, damaged, etc. will factor in your hair routine. For example, oily hair might need more washes than does dry hair, but less moisturization than dry hair.


Also, what hair styling you do will determine the damage to your hair and scalp and your routine should be according to that. For example: Colored hair shouldn’t be washed too often, whereas, straightened or permed hair might need more TLC than natural hair, etc.

Scalp Issues

Also, scalp conditions like dandruff, psoriasis or itching or even excess oil or lack thereof, will factor in when you determine you hair routine.


Lifestyle plays a key role in one’s hair and scalp health. Also, it determines the type of routine that will work best for you. For example: Those who travel a lot might need a different hair routine, than someone who doesn’t travel as much, since external factors and pollution will not feature in for someone who doesn’t travel.


Health plays a key role in every aspect of your life. Some health issues or health conditions can affect your hair or scalp and even how often you can wash your hair or not! So that’s another aspect that must be taken into consideration.

Over all, there’s more than just hair type to consider when coming up with your hair care routine. Stay tuned for more details and feel free to reach to us for any questions. Check out HY Vitamins Argan Hair Care Products and see if there’s something that’s suitable for your requirements. They have a product for every hair type and requirement, so those who don’t have time for DIY don’t you worry 😉