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lemon for clear skin

Do you think your hair lacks volume or isn’t tame enough and use a hair spray for taming it? Worried about the pricey all-natural products out there? Here’s a quick easy hair spray recipe you can try!

Hair spray has a permanent place for those with frizzy, curly or untamed hair. Some use it for holding their hair in place, when going for different dos. But hair spray is going to damage your hair in the longer run and leave it lifeless and frizzy. I once used a hair spray when I had to head for an important function and did not have my essentials handy. I’ve never used one before that, but the one I used was a pricey and recommended by experts product! Needless to say, my hair though looked good for the occasion, but was frizzy and dry the very next day! That’s when I realized what it would do to one’s hair when used on a daily basis.

I am not a person who uses a lot of cosmetics and rather, stick with natural stuff for most part. So, me coming up with this easy and natural hair spray wasn’t surprising! I did this as a gift for one my friends, who is really into styling and she really loved how it worked wonders, without damaging her hair. I wanted to share this recipe with the DIY enthusiasts here. The recipe is quite simple and very few ingredients are used. Also, the ingredients are easy to get and you don’t have to scour through highs and lows for the ingredients! I hate using ingredients that are hard to find! So I prefer to keep things simple and effective. Ready everyone?


Argan Oil – 2 Tsps.

Essential Oil – 7 – 10 Drops

Lemon / Orange – 1

Clear Grain Alcohol – 2 – 3 Tbsps.

lemon wedges


In a bowl, bring two cups of water to rolling boil. You can use filtered water and don’t necessarily need to search for distilled water.

If you have dark hair, use orange and if you have lighter hair, use lemon. Now, cut the orange or lemon into small pieces and add them to the water.

Reduce the flame and let it boil, till the water is reduced to half the original volume.

Set aside. After a few minutes, filter it using cheesecloth and measure it, to make sure it is one cup. If it is more, boil till it reduces to one cup.

Let the mixture cool down.

Now, add alcohol, argan oil and essential oil of your choice to the mixture and stir to combine.

Transfer to a sterilized spray container and use as needed!


You can spray this to dry or wet hair, as needed. I recommend spraying on dry hair!


Don’t know to sterilize a jar? It is quite simple – bring a few cups to boil and add the chosen container to it. If you are using glass bottle, it should withstand the heat. If you are using plastic container, just use hot water. Air dry and it is all set for use, once it fully dried.

You can use any essential oil of your choice or skip them if you don’t get any. Lavender, Rosemary, Tea Tree or Peppermint Essential Oil are ideal as they help with hair or scalp issues. However, you can choose any other essential oil of your choice – they smell great too! If not for their benefits, you can use them for their fragrance.

Do you know you can add a spoon of sugar to this recipe to improve the hold qualities?

If you don’t want to use alcohol, you can skip it altogether… it will reduce the shelf life of the recipe, though you could refrigerate it instead.

The Argan oil in this recipe adds moisture to your hair, so prevents dry or lifeless hair.

Note: This is not a straightforward substitute or alternative for store-bought hair sprays. This will not hold your hair in tact like the chemical-laden sprays do, but it is good to keep your hair in-place and is an all-natural recipe.

Don’t have time for DIY recipe? You can use Argan Oil based Hair Styling Cream instead to help protect your hair from the damage done by styling products or equipment.