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We’re looking at dry hair remedies for the last few weeks. In continuation with the same, we’re going to look at more options for treating Dry Hair.

Dry Hair looks dull and lifeless, a reason we all like to heal or treat it. Who doesn’t love shiny and lustrous locks? So, here are a few ways to nurture your dry hair back to health and vitality once more.

Argan Oil

We’ve already discussed about Argan Oil in a lot of our posts. Having that said, it is one of the best oils for hair care, especially dry or damaged hair. The best part – it isn’t greasy like many options for dry hair out there. Yet, it gets the job done and your hair is healthy and rejuvenated with regular use.

Cocoa Butter

Rich and nourishing, Cocoa Butter is a natural conditioner if your hair is dry. You could use Cocoa Butter as is, or combine it with other hair care ingredients and prepare a conditioner or hair mask and use it to moisturize and nourish your hair. Many use it before shampooing, as it is fairly rich and can weigh down your hair.

Clarified Butter

Did you think Ghee is only for cooking? Think again! Rich in unrefined fats, Ghee can nourish your hair and also, restores dry hair like nobody’s business. It is also said to improve one’s hair health, curb hair loss and give you shiny locks. What’s not to like about it? Use it as your natural conditioner, for soft and silky locks. You can use it before shower, considering it is fairly rich.


Bottle Gourd Juice

Have you tried using Bottle Gourd Juice for your hair? You will be surprised! Just apply the juice of Fresh Bottle Gourd and wash off after 30 minutes for soft and lustrous locks.

Black Tea

A natural conditioner, black tea can restore your hair’s health when used as a conditioner. You can use it as your final rinse and wash off after a few minutes to prevent staining.

Herbal Shampoo

Herbs are widely used in Alternative Medicine for hair care. A herbal shampoo with the right herbal ingredients can fix dry hair in no time. Basically, you avoid stripping your scalp’s essential oils further by using a natural shampoo instead of a chemical laden one, coupled with nourishing and healing herbs. This combination nurtures your hair back to health.

A paste made of Fenugreek Powder, Shikakai (Hair Fruit), Soap Nut, Green Gram Powder and powdered Curry Leaves and Basil Leaves can nourish and repair your hair. It is used in place of your regular shampoo. There are many recipes you can follow, including the one on our blog here.

Hair is considered as one’s identity, and we women tend to give it more importance than men. After all, it isn’t called woman’s crowning glory for no reason.

Avoid using a lot of styling products or tools and treat your hair with tender loving care for healthy, shiny and lustrous locks. Hair care regimen is also important. Use natural ingredients and if you don’t have time to prepare your own hair care products, we have you covered with a range of hair care products from HY Vitamins.