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Hair Pomade is one of the more popular styling products. It is great for those with frizzy hair, or wants to add more definition. Do you know you can prepare your own hair pomade?

When I set out to prepare this pomade, I wanted something that’s not very stick and less hard than hair wax. This way, it also helps with texturizing curls and keeps frizzy ends need. It will also add definition to curls and make styling breezy and stunning.


So, let’s take a look at the ingredients first.


Beeswax – 2 Tbsp.
Starch Powder – 2 Tbsp.
Castor Oil – 6 ½ Tbsp.
Glycerin – 1 ½ Tbsp.
Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil – 20 Drops
Cedar Essential Oil – 10 Drops
Cypress Essential Oil – 5 Drops


In your double boiler, melt beeswax.

When it begins to melt, add castor oil, glycerin and starch powder.

Stir to combine the ingredients well.

Remove when heat when they’re fully incorporated.

Add Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil, Cypress Essential Oil and Cedar Essential Oil and mix well.

Transfer to a sterilized jar(s) and let it cool down and set.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

You can use essential oil(s) of your choice for this recipe. I find this combination inspiring and mysterious.

You can use Corn Starch or Arrowroot Starch, though I use the latter.

You can use other carrier oils, but Castor Oil has a higher viscosity that comes in handy for this recipe. You can use other similar oils, or any carrier oil you like.

You can reduce the Beeswax if you want a lighter version of this recipe. I find this lighter than wax and given a good stir after setting, it is easier to use and evenly mixed (without starch settling at the bottom).

You can skip the starch if you like for your hair to be shiner and not have a matte finish that’s typical for pomades.

If you find the finished texturizer thicker than your preference, add a little more oil to make it pliable.

Usually the starch settles down while setting, while if your stir the pomade after the setting process, the texture becomes creamy and even. However, if you find small lumps when you use the pomade, run it through your blender to fix that. It is probably starch that is lumped up and needs a little helping besides stirring.

The texture is usually creamy, or more like a lotion. So alter the ingredients if you want a firmer version, but it is a good idea to modify the recipe after you try out and see how it comes out – probably a smaller quantity.

Glycerin is added to soften hair strands and make them less frizzy or dry. If you don’t have those issues, you can skip it.

How to Use It?

Take a small dollop and warm it between your fingers before application. Coat your strands and style as usual.

Shelf Life

It is a good idea to prepare a fresh batch every few weeks, since we’re adding Glycerin.

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