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Pink Salt

Want stunning beach waves without hitting the shoreline? Try this DIY Salt Spray and sport beach waves, anytime!

Summer is one time where we can hit the seashore often, however, during winter it isn’t as easy. Also, not everyone has a shoreline that’s accessible or close to where they live, whereas, some don’t even have a shoreline in their city!

So, what do when fancy strikes to sport beach waves? A salt spray works just dine and you can sport beach waves, anytime of the year. When spend time along the shore, your hair get wavy and have a salt-sculpted look. The best think – salt spray is easy and cheap!

Pink Salt

However, when you want perfect waves, you need to scrunch up your hair. So, instead of a spray, a gel consistency would better and give you perfect waves. Isn’t it? So’ let’s take a look at how to do that, shall we?


Hot Water – 75 Ml
Sea Salt – 1 Tsp.
Argan Oil – 2 Tsp.
Hair Gel – a dollop
Leave-in Conditioner – a dollop
Cypress Essential Oil – a few drops


Take a spritzer and add the Sea Salt to it.

Now, add the hot water and the other ingredients one after the other.

Shake to get all the ingredients mixed and combined well – also dissolving of the salt.


How to Use It?

Spray the salt spray to dried hair and scrunch.

You can also braid it for a while – loose braid and then let it loose once fully dry.

Air dry and the beach waves are ready to play.

It works best after a shower and when your hair is air-dried or towel-dried, but not fully dry. A little dampness helps and adds to the texture.

Once the spray is sprayed, braiding your hair or just scrunch and let it air dry fully.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

I noticed using Pink Salt or Sea Salt works best, and my favorite is Dead Sea Salt. They also add volume and make curls look wavier.

Want to enhance the definition of your curls? Throw in some Magnesium Flakes along with Salt.

The conditioner and hair gel are really minuscule quantities and add some aroma (we add aroma oils to our hair gel and conditioner), while also make the curls look more defined. However, you can skip both and just stick with Salt.

The Argan Oil and Conditioner usually prevents dry or frizzy hair after using hair spray, though you can also add Glycerin or substitute water for Aloe Juice – partially or fully.

You can use any essential oil though I prefer fresh and energetic aromas better. So, go with what you feel better with. It’s your recipe after all, isn’t it?

After all, DIY Recipes are all about fun, experiments and finding out what we like and don’t personally. So try out different variations and come up with what works for you, something you like and suits you. Don’t have time for preparing your own hair care recipes? Try HY Vitamins for healthy hair and scalp.