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nourishing argan oil for hair growth

Hair problems are quite common in both men and women. Here’s a quick and easy DIY Nourishing Argan Oil hair Treatment you can try to bid adieu hair loss, hair thinning, dandruff, etc. So, ready for the recipe?


Argan Oil – ½ Tsp.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 1 Tsp.

Castor Oil – 1 Tsp.

Neem Oil – 1 Tsp.

Tea Tree Essential Oil – 2 – 3 drops

Lavender Essential Oil – 2 – 3 drops

Peppermint Essential Oil – 2 – 3 drops (Optional)

Citriodora Oil – ¼ Tsp. (Optional)

Wintergreen Oil – 2 – 3 drops (Optional)

Eucalyptus Oil – 2 – 3 drops (Optional)


Take a mixing bowl and add the oils, one after the other. Give it a stir with your index finger and voila! You’re done!


nourishing argan oil for hair growth

Now, dip your index finger into the oil blend and rub it against your other fingers. In this process, the oil will be slightly heated due to your body temperature! That temperature is just perfect for application.

Now, work your fingers gently in circular motion to cover every part of your scalp with this oil.

Yes, you have to dip it several times since the oil you get will be miniscule quantity each time! But, that’s the best part about it.

Work your way through your scalp in gentle circular motions, every time.

You can be liberal with the oil application, since this is a before-shower treatment.

Once you have covered every part of your scalp thoroughly, you can dab the remaining oil to your hair tips. If you still have some oil left, feel free to apply it to your hair.

The key factor that determines the efficacy is the massage that you do! Yes, it takes some time, but well worth the effort. You could probably do this when you are watching a TV show, or a movie! It takes about 15 – 20 minutes for application.

Now, let it soak-in for about 30 minutes, to an hour. After that, wash off with your regular shampoo. You can use our very own Argan Oil Shampoo, as it is mild and nourishing.

Tweaking the Recipe

The quantity listed above is suitable for fairly long, wavy hair. You can alter the quantity based on your hair length, thickness and type. I require slightly more oil, especially before shower. But if you don’t prefer that way, you can reduce it.

If you think your hair is oily, you can reduce Olive Oil and increase Argan Oil. Alternatively, you can add Sweet Almond Oil or other light oils of your choice.

The essential oils and the other optional oils listed are optional. You can skip the ones you don’t prefer, or if don’t get them.

Also, you can vary the oils listed here to suit your preference or requirement. You can choose any hair-friendly essential oil for this purpose!

What’s with the Ingredients?

We have written a lot about Argan Oil for hair and skin earlier. You can read about it here and here.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil does wonders for your skin and hair. It is rich in antioxidants and helps deal with hair problems like hair thinning and hair loss.

It also has bacteria and fungi fighting properties. As a result, it helps curb dandruff and treat itchy or flaky scalp.

It is a great hair conditioner and scalp stimulator. Adding it to your hair routine can offer great benefits including promoting healthy hair growth.

Castor Oil

Though sticky and not many prefer this oil, it is a wonder cure for many hair problems. Those with dark hair particularly love this oil, as it prevents premature greying.

It is a wonderful moisturizer and conditioner, thanks to the Omega 9 fatty acids present in this oil. Rich in Ricinoleic acid, it combats hair loss and hair thinning.

Rich in Omega 6 fatty acids, it promotes hair growth. It also has antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties so help combat several hair and scalp issues including dandruff and itchy scalp. What more can you ask for?

Neem Oil

Neem oil is lauded for its skin and hair friendly benefits for ages. It promotes healthy hair growth by dealing with several hair and scalp issues including dandruff, lice and nits, dry or itchy scalp, etc. It is extremely nourishing and also tames frizz.

Citriodora Oil

Much like tea tree essential oil, Citriodora oil helps fight off dandruff. This has a pleasant citrus aroma and leaves the hair shiny, a bonus benefit!

Wintergreen and Eucalyptus Oils

Though more known for their pain relieving properties, these oils are a good addition to your hair treatment. Those suffering with headache and sinus might get relief adding this to their hair treatment!

However, as for its hair care benefits, Wintergreen and Eucalyptus are said to stimulate hair growth and deal with scalp conditions including Dandruff.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil tends to stimulate hair growth in many, though I personally add it as I love the smell!

Lavender Essential Oil

According to a recent research, Lavender Essential Oil helps promote hair growth in individuals enduring Alopecia. Besides, it relaxes your mind and acts like a stress buster. What’s not to like about it?

As always, do give this a try and feed us back with your results.