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Red clay

I wanted to prepare a hair texturizer and pomade to add more definition to my hair, while also controlling my hair. Want to know how I managed that?

Let’s get to the ingredients and the method first, then we will get to talk about why and what.


Beeswax – 3 Tsp
Black Clay – 1 Tsp.
Red Clay – 1 Tsp.
Argan Oil – 1 Tsp.
Coconut Oil – 4 Tsp.
Neroli Essential Oil – 7 Drops

Red clay


In a double boiler, melt Beeswax.

When it begins to melt, add Coconut Oil and stir to combine.

When fully melted and combined, remove from heat.

Add the clays and mix using a spatula to combine.

Once the mixture begins to cool down (keep stirring) add Argan Oil and Essential Oil.

Stir to combine.

Transfer to a sterilized jar and use as needed.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

If you want strong hold, increase Beeswax, or toss in some Cocoa Butter.

If you want lesser hold, reduce Beeswax.

I have used Coconut Oil here, though you can use any carrier oil of your choice.

I have used Black and Red Clays to suit my hair color, though it is really not a requirement – just use what clay you get. You can also pick the clay based on your hair and scalp type or requirements.

You can add a few drops of Glycerin for lighter pomade that doesn’t leave your strands dry. Instead of Glycerin, you can also add Honey.

Add your favorite essential oil instead of Neroli used in the recipe, if you have a preference.

Shelf Life

This lasts a good two months or more. However, make sure you toss it out when the smell turns funny. You can refrigerate it, although it lasts for two months without refrigeration – depending on where you live.

I like to refrigerate the recipe due to the difference in end results when applying with or without refrigeration – so try both and decide what works for you. The difference is mild, but works well this way for me.

Why These Ingredients?

Beeswax gives a nice hold and texture to the strands without feeling too greasy.

Coconut Oil is my favorite as it is great for hair and scalp, while not leaving hair greasy.

Clay gives a matte finish and also, keeps the oil levels in the recipe balanced.

If you want shinier finish, skip the Clay.

You can substitute clay with starch powder instead. Arrowroot or Corn flour Starches are great substitutes.

You can add a tablespoon of Magnesium Oil if you want defined curls and waves, or stronger hair.

Like all other recipes we’ve done before, keep the pomade recipe personal and feel free to make tweaks and changes that will reflect your taste and preference. It keeps the fun in DIY going and enjoyable. Don’t have time for your own DIY Hair Styling Recipes? Try HY Vitamins Argan Hair Care & Styling Range. Enriched with Argan Oil and other natural extracts and oils, their hair care range is of high quality, organic and one of the best products out there for hair and scalp care.