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Brushing Hair

Is your hair dry, dull and frizzy? Want to sport healthy and stunning hair?

When hair is dry or frizzy, there’s a lack of moisture and nourishment, leaving hair lifeless and dull. Soothing and nourishing hair is the key to restoring hair’s lack of moisture, nourishment and shine. I wanted to nourish and strengthen my hair, while also making it soft and silky. I came up with an idea to prepare a conditioner spray that will do all these and more. Want to know how to do it?


Avocado oil – 3 Tbsp.
Almond Oil – 2 Tbsp.
Castor Oil – 1 Tbsp.
Argan Oil – 1 Tsp.
EVOO – 2 Tbsp.
Lavender Essential Oil – 7 Drops

Brushing Hair


Add all the above given ingredients to a sterilized spritzer and shake to combine.


How to Use the Leave-in Spray Conditioner?

You can spray this to your hair – dry or damp. It is a good idea to shake before every use.

Why Use This Conditioner?

If hair is dry and frizzy, you need something that would nourish your hair and scalp, restore hair’s lost moisture and shine and leave your hair healthy and vibrant. Isn’t it? That’s exactly what this conditioner does.

With ingredients that not only nourish hair and scalp, but also add shine and sheen, this conditioner is a little wonder!

It can be applied from root to tips and keep split ends at bay, while the castor oil strengthens the strands and also promotes hair growth.

Why These Ingredients?

Avocado Oil – This oil that can replicate silicone in shine and sheen.

Castor Oil – If you are looking to strengthen and nourish your hair, this takes the cake.

Almond Oil – Rich in Vitamin E, this oil works wonders to strengthen hair without weighing it down.

EVOO – There’s a reason Olive Oil is popular with women who love hair. This is among the best oils out there for hair.

Lavender Essential Oil – A soothing aroma is not the only thing to love about this oil. This is one of the best healing oils out there to offer with ample benefits, yet is mild and can be used on skin or hair directly!

Shelf Life

We have kept the ingredients straightforward and simple. All the ingredients are oils, so there’s no need to worry about preservation or other problems. Just go with the expiry dates of the ingredients. I would suggest going with the expiry duration of the one with the least shelf life, so you can ensure the oils don’t go rancid.

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