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lemon for clear skin

Hair Oil determines the health of your hair and scalp. Here’s herb-infused hair oil recipe you can try for healthy hair and scalp.

This is a simple but very effective hair oil recipe that you can tweak according to your requirement or preference. You can use this as a pre-shower oil or post-shower. I use this oil after air-drying my hair post shower. I like the smell of herbs, so it is good. But you can modify or use it before shower.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients first.


Coconut Oil – 100 ml
Olive Oil – 100 ml
Camphor – 25 grams
Curry Leaves – two handfuls
Gooseberry – 5 (de-seeded and chopped)
Lemon Peel – a few


In a pan, pour the coconut oil.

Add curry leaves, gooseberry and lemon peel.

Let the ingredients fry for a while, till the spluttering stops (I am using fresh ingredients, though you can dried ones if you can’t get fresh ones).

When the spluttering stops, add the camphor and wait till it dissolved.

Remove from heat and wait till the mixture cools down a bit.

Now, add the Olive Oil and re-heat the mixture. This is just to ensure there is no moisture. After a few minutes, remove from heat. Don’t let Olive oil heat up a lot.

Let the oil sit for a while and filter using a cheesecloth or sieve. I recommend letting the ingredients sit for a few hours, before filtering.

Transfer the oil to a sterilized jar and use as needed.

lemon for clear skin

How To Use It?

This oil won’t be extremely light, or very thick either. However, you can apply it and use as a regular oil. Since we use camphor, the smell is pleasant.

Take a spoon or two, according to your hair length and volume in one palm. Dip you index finger and rub against other fingers to spread the oil. Now, massage the oil into your scalp gently.

Once you apply all over your scalp, rub your hands together and apply the remaining oil to your hair strands and tips.

Comb and style as usual. I usually apply this before I hit the bed, so the next morning it wouldn’t look oily.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

You can substitute Olive Oil with lighter oil like Argan Oil if you prefer.

You can add more ingredients according to your preference or requirements. This is a very basic and simple recipe for healthy hair and scalp. You can add Basil leaves, Moringa leaves, Hibiscus leaves, Neem leaves, Hibiscus flowers, Henna leaves, etc. The options are infinite!

Why These Ingredients?

Camphor gives a nice aroma to the oil, while also curbing and preventing dandruff.

As for coconut and olive oils, they’re excellent for hair health and promote healthy hair.

Curry leaves, Lemon peel and Gooseberry promote hair growth and shine.

Who Can Use this Oil?

This oil is suitable for everyone with normal – healthy hair. For improving hair growth, you can try the hair growth oil recipe we have uploaded earlier. We will be adding more versions of herb-infused hair oils to suit different individuals and requirements.

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