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Coconut Juice

We’ve seen why hair rinses are a good addition to your hair routine, recently. So it is time to get to know how to prepare a few hair rinses. Isn’t’ it?

So, let’s take a look at few Hair Rinses you can use and what purposes they serve.

Coconut Juice

Well known as Coconut Water in the Asian countries, Coconut Juice is nothing but the water that you get, either from tender coconuts or mature coconuts when you break them open. They’re loaded with electrolytes and moisturize your hair leaving it shiny and hydrated. Ideal if your hair is dull and dry. Make sure you rinse this out thoroughly, as it can feel sticky otherwise.

Coconut Juice


Is your hair lacking shine and sheen? Beer is a popular rinse for that purpose. Just pour beer after washing off your hair and see how your hair looks like after air-drying! I don’t recommend this rinse for long-term use, especially since alcohol is drying. If nothing else works for you, I would suggest this as a last resort – for special occasions or the like!


Add 3 spoons of Honey to a liter of water and mix well. Use this as your final rinse for smooth and shiny locks. Also, this adds moisture and hydration, a great advantage for damaged hair. Honey can lighten your hair with regular use, so if your hair is dark I would be wary about that property!


Is your scalp flaky and dry? Having issues with dandruff or is your hair frizzy? A vinegar rinse, if your answer is yes to one or more questions! You can use natural vinegar, or opt for Apple Cider Vinegar. Both work well and add a lot of bounce and shine to your hair. Take a cup of Vinegar for a liter of water.


Do you want to darken your graying hair? Use a Red Hibiscus Rinse. You get a deep red tea, which you can use as rinse. It gives a nice hue to your hair and can hide grays well. This will also detangle your hair and the astringent qualities regular your scalp’s sebum levels.


Want to strengthen your hair and get rid of dandruff? Take 2 – 3 spoons of Lemon Grass (dried) and prepare a concoction, strain and use it as your rinse. Wait till the concoction cools down before using it as your rinse.

Basically, prepare the rinse – about 1 or 2 liters, so you can enough to pour over your hair. Make sure your hair and scalp are covered with it, massage for a few minutes gently and wait for a minute or two. Then, rinse off. If you are using it for coloring, like say Hibiscus, you might have to wait longer before you rinse out.

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