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Hair regrowth is quite challenging, especially if you have already tried a few options and did not have good results with those. This natural regrowth recipe is tried and tested and has been used for centuries for ages. Ready to see what it is all about?

Hair loss can be quite depressing, especially when you are not able to contain it despite the many measures your have taken. Asians are known for the long and healthy tresses and most women have covetable locks. They follow Ayurvedic or traditional recipes for their hair and skin care for most part. This is one such recipe that promises hair regrowth. Shall we get started?



Hibiscus Leaves – 2 Handfuls
Coconut Oil – 250 Ml
Hibiscus Flowers – 15 – 20 Flowers
Holy Basil Leaves – a Handful
Fenugreek Seeds – 2 Tbsp.


Crush the Hibiscus Leaves and Flowers along with Holy Basil Leaves, coarsely.

In a mortar and pestle crush the Fenugreek Seeds. But, don’t pound them too much and leave them coarse.

In a deep and thick bottomed pan, add the coconut oil and heat it.

Add everything – crushed fenugreek seeds, hibiscus leaves and flowers and Holy Basil leaves, to Coconut Oil and heat it.

Make sure the flame is in the lowest setting / simmer and wait till the all the moisture leaves and the oil begins fuming.

Remove from heat and let it cool down.

Filter it and transfer to a sterilized container for use.

How to Use It?

This is very light oil and smells good too. Massage your scalp with this oil after hair wash – let your hair air dry before application.

However, if you don’t prefer using oils after shower, apply it at least an hour before hair wash. Heat this oil a bit before application for improving the results and stimulating your scalp.

Shelf Life

As long as you heat the oil enough to get rid of moisture completely, this oil lasts for months.

Why These Ingredients?

Hibiscus, Fenugreek and Holy Basil have all been used for ages in treating hair loss and other scalp problems. With regular use, hair regrowth improves and your hair will be healthy, shiny and voluminous all over again.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

You can use any oil if you don’t prefer Coconut Oil – Olive Oil, Ground Nut Oil, Sesame Oil, etc. I prefer Coconut Oil as it offers numerous benefits that you often get only when combining oils and it is fairly light.

If you plan to use this before shower, you can also add Neem Oil and Castor Oil. While Neem Oil takes care of scalp issues like dandruff, Castor Oil is one of the best oils for hair growth or regrowth. However, it is a coolant and not ideal for those enduring respiratory problems, sinusitis, etc.

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