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I remember using my body perfume or deodorant when young on my hair, for the days I have to look spruced up and ready to head out, but can’t wash my hair. But I realized Hair Perfume does exist, and wanted to prepare one for myself.

So, we have all been there, done that. Either to make hair look shiny and nice, or to spruce up and style it, or for whatever reason we had that day. Since my hair looks limp and oily without a wash, I used it before I style so my locks are shiny and bouncy. I used body mist, perfume, or when I did not have it handy, just about any scented liquid to get my hair bouncy and good all over again.

But I was surprised to learn there’s a perfume designed for hair and one that doesn’t leave us feeling sorry for putting hair through the wringer after! Hair carries scent longer, so it makes sense someone caught on and came up with a product that works on hair 😉

Having that said, I wanted to make one for myself, because I wanted my hair to be healthy. For that reason, I use natural ingredients for my hair care. When you want to add some fresh aroma to your hair, or spruce up hair that isn’t washed to look clean and lovely, try this simple and natural hair perfume.


Vodka – 1 Tbsp.
Distilled Water – 1 Oz
Eucalyptus Oil – 7 Drops
Chamomile Essential Oil – 13 Drops
Cedarwood Essential Oil – 5 Drops


In a spritzer, add all the ingredients.

Shake Well and let it sit for a day or two before you use.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

I have used Vodka as my carrier ingredient, though if you are not comfortable using Vodka on your hair try Aloe Vera Gel or Jojoba Oil.

If you’re scalp is really oily, Witch Hazel is another carrier option you can consider.

You can use Distilled Water for dilution, though Hydrosols are also good. I like Orange Blossom Water, Rosemary Antioxidant Extract, or the like.

The choices of essential oil are picked here according to their notes. I have kept middle note more, considering this is a perfume. However, you can choose essential oils of your choice and go with the ratios according to your preference. I learnt 30% Top Note, 50% Middle Note and 20% Base Note is considered best for perfumes. So go with that ration, or stick close to it to have a balanced perfume.

Just like every other recipe we’ve shared before, feel free to tweak the recipe and make something that’s personalized for you. There’s no need to follow this recipe to a T. So feel free to play around and keep us posted with your results.

Don’t have time for DIY Recipes? Try HY Vitamins Argan Oil based Hair Care Range for healthy hair and scalp. If you have any questions, specific request for recipes or suggestions, feel free to write to us. We’re always waiting to hear from you ☺