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Do you want to dye your hair purple? Do you know you can do it naturally? I was surprised too, but it is possible.

Wondering how? I was looking at various coloring options and came across Katam. Now, you are probably wondering what in the hell is that! Don’t worry, we’re going to learn about Katam.


What’s Katam?

Like Henna, Katam is a natural hair dye that’s obtained from the leaves of Katam plant. The dye gives a dark brown tint with purple undertones for your hair. Katam is often called black Henna, though they’re both different plants. It is also confused with Indigo dye, from Indigo plant, though that gives a dark blue dye. So, now that you know it is natural, are you ready to learn how to dye your hair purple?


Henna Powder
Katam Powder


Make a paste with Henna and water and wait for the dye to release.

In the interim, prepare a paste with Katam powder and water. It takes 4 – 5 hours for dye release with Katam.

Now, when Henna and Katam are ready, apply it on your hair and leave it for 2 – 3 hours.

Rinse off and wait for 2 days before using shampoo on your hair.


Katam releases dye sooner than Henna, so plan accordingly.

You can use Katam individually, without Henna, if you are not looking to cover a lot of grays and comfortable with a brown finish.

Yes, you can do a one-step application too, if you are not very particular about the resulting shade. If you want a darker purple, it is ideal to do the two-step application. Some prefer doing Henna application first, rinsing out and then, using Katam the following day.

Depending on your hair color and other factors, the final shade could be dark brown to a deep purple. For a distinctive purple hue, you might need to apply Katam more than once.

How Often will I Need to Use Katam?

One you get the right shade, it will last a good three months or more. It is known to last longer than Indigo or Henna. Though pricey, Katam gives you a nice hue and finish and lasts longer – so you can color your hair less frequently.

Will Katam Damage my Hair?

Nope, just like Henna Katam is very good for hair and would do you a world of good. It strengthens your hair, balances scalp pH and is antibacterial and antifungal, so can keep hair and scalp problems at bay.

That’s not all, there’s more to Katam you must know. We will be covering more about this wonderful plant and why it is good for your hair, along with more information the dos and don’ts while using Katam for dyeing.

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