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Indigo indigofera tinctoria powder in the wooden spoon

Want to dye your hair black? Do you know you can do it naturally without chemicals?

When you want to dye your hair black, there are different options. But we’re going look at a recipe that will give you black hair without using chemicals.

For this recipe, we’re going to use herbs and a few other simple ingredients and get black lock. Ready, everyone?

We all love to color our hair, but worried about the chemicals we’ll be piling on. What if there’s a way to indulge without using chemicals? Or you probably want to cover premature grays? Whatever your reasons are, if you choose the color black, here’s a simple and easy recipe for you.

Indigo indigofera tinctoria powder in the wooden spoon


Henna Powder
Indigo Powder
Yogurt & / Water


Most do the dyeing as a two-step process.

The first day, they use Henna to dye hair. This means, you take enough Henna powder for your hair length and add Yogurt to make a paste.

Then, you wait till the dye is released and then apply on your hair and rinse off after 2 – 3 hours.

Let it air dry.

The next day, prepare a paste with Indigo Leaves powder and Water. Wait for 2 – 3 hours for the dye to release and when ready, apply on your hair and let it sit for 2 – 3 hours.

Rinse off!

Tips for Dyeing Hair Using Herbs

While you would get a more professional finish going with two steps, it isn’t really suitable for all.

If that’s the case, you can combine both the ingredients and use it. A ratio of 60 % Henna and 40 % Indigo or even 1:1, can get you deep brown to black color. The finish will vary depending on your hair color, so work with the ratio using patch test to determine how much of each ingredient will be ideal for you. To darken, add more of Indigo.

Yogurt keeps the Henna and Indigo from drying out your hair. But you can also add eggs just before applying the mask to your hair, if your hair feels dried out after you applied henna on your hair the last time.

The two-step process is usually for those with lighter hair, as it is easier to get the hair colored that way. However, for already darker hair, you might not even need Henna.

Many say applying Henna and Indigo together does not give jet black hair like the two-step process does, but it varies with the person I guess. If applying them together doesn’t help, you could do it individually.

When applying Henna and Indigo together, make sure you prepare the pastes separately. Henna needs up to 12 hours for releasing dye and lasts longer, while Indigo needs 3 – 4 hours and lasts a maximum of 12 hours from the time you mix it. So prepare Indigo little later than Henna and then combine while applying.

If you are using water, make sure it is warm for best results.

Remember: Some are allergic to Indigo, so make sure you do a patch test. Allergic reactions could also include headache, so watch out.

It takes 2 days for Indigo to oxidize and the color to turn out right, so don’t use shampoo during this time.

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