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Want to prepare a quick and easy shampoo for lustrous locks?

Different people have different hair types, but basically, it all boils down to regulating one’s pH levels and doing a few tweaks per one’s hair and scalp requirements. This will be a basic recipe, which you can modify or tweak according to your requirements.


Castile Soap / Liquid Castile Soap
Argan Oil – 2 Tbsp.
Tea Tree Essential Oil – a few drops
Lavender Essential Oil – a few drops


If you are using Castile soap, shred it using a shredder and add it to distilled water. Take enough for about 150 ml of water. You can use Liquid Castile Soap as base instead.

Now, add in the oils and shake well.

Store away from direct sunlight.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

You can use shampoo base that you get in raw materials stores, or do the saponification process at home, if you are sure about it. However, you could also use soap nut or soapwort instead of Castile soap.

You can use essential oils according to your preference for fragrance or requirements.

Unless you use a shampoo base, or liquid Castile soap, your shampoo can feel runny. You can use Xantham gum for thickening your shampoo, if you are keen about the consistency.

Variation Using Soap Nut

Do you know soap nut powder is used to wash one’s hair and skin for centuries in Asian countries? It is a natural soaping agent, so those who don’t want to skip shampoos , could opt for this. You would see bubbles and it is a very good cleansing agent.

You can buy soap nut powder and prepare a paste using water and use. You can add in other herbal powders for added benefits. Soap nuts also improve hair health and gentle on your hair and scalp.

Shikakai as it is fondly called in the Asian countries, a mixture of soap nut powder and other herbs like Gooseberry, Henna, Hibiscus (leaves & flowers), Curry Leaves, Lemon Peels, Neem Leaves and depending on one’s preference and requirements, Bhringharaj, Brahmi and other hair care herbs are also used.


However, many don’t find this powder easy to wash off, a reason why shampoos are popular.

Easier Version Using Soap Nut

Just bring a few soap nuts to boil and let it simmer for about 10 minutes. Switch off and transfer to a sterilized container. Since we don’t add preservatives, prepare small batches. Some beat this mixture to foam and then use it.

Some just add the soap nuts to an old shampoo jar, add warm water and let it for two days, before using it for washing. You can refill the water one you use up the shampoo for washing your hair, till it is no longer soapy, after which, you can use a fresh batch of soap nuts!


How to Use Soapwort

Like soap nuts, you have to collect soapwort leaves and stems and bring it to a boil on your stovetop. You can also use soapwort powder if you don’t get fresh leaves / stems.

For about two cups of soapwort, you can add a liter of water. Once it is boiling, simmer for about fifteen minutes and switch off.

Once it cools down, strain and use as your base.

However, this lasts for a week at most, so prepare small batches and refrigerate.

Remember: Unlike soap nuts, some have reported mild skin itching and irritation after using soapwort. So make sure you don’t have any adverse reactions before going full swing!

This is a simple and easy Argan Shampoo recipe you can try at home. Don’t have time for DIY recipes, or don’t want to prepare them at regular intervals? No worries, we have you covered with high quality Argan Oil based products from Israel. The best part – Our Argan Oil Shampoo is salt, alcohol and sulphates free! What more can you ask for?