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Argan Oil for Skin

Many aren’t very sure if they should use a bronzer or a blush. Some use both and it has become the latest trend, as well. If you love a tanned look, bronzer is your best friend. Ready for a DIY Bronzer recipe?


Argan Oil – 7 – 15 ml
Titanium Oxide – 1 ½ Tsp.
Sericite Mica – a pinch
Cupacu Butter – ¼ Tsp.
Bronze Mica – 11 Tsps.


In a double boiler, place Cupacu Butter and Argan Oil together. Don’t have a double boiler? Don’t worry, neither do I! So what do I do? I place a large vessel with an inch or two of water. When it begins to boil, I reduce the flame and place a smaller vessel with the ingredients to melt! Isn’t it easy?

Argan Oil for Skin

Now, when it begins to melt, add titanium dioxide and sericite mica.

Once you mix well, slowly start adding broze mica to it. When you have added little more than half of bronze mica, stop adding and test a small patch of skin.

Keep adding till you get the desired tan and stop when the tan is just right for your skin.

Set aside and when cooled down, transfer to a dark amber colored bottle with a dropper and use as needed.

Tips to Apply Bronzer

Take a few drops and apply just under your cheekbones and massage gently along your cheeks for a tanned look.

You can also apply to your forehead, to get that perfect tan! However, depending on your skin shade, if you skip a few areas it might look obvious. So make sure you apply bronzer evenly and thoroughly!

You can use a sponge to apply evenly.

Make sure you choose the right shade, should be 2 – 4 shades darker than your skin and not more!

You can add shimmer, for a shining glow.

Applying foundation prior to applying bronzer makes your face even and lasts longer, though for lesser time, bronzer alone should do.

Do a few trials to identify the right shade for your skin tone and texture.

Finish with a compact powder and make sure you do subtle eye makeup and use darker lip colors to complete your looks.

When Should you Use a Bronzer?

Many are not sure when to choose bronzer and when to choose blush. Bronzer gives a natural look and suits beach parties or summer outings.

Unless it is a formal outing like a wedding, or professional meet, bronzer works best.

It looks natural and when not overdone, gives a good finish and covers blemishes well.

Want head-turning looks? You can combine blush along with your bronzer and look gorgeous. Make sure it does not go overboard.

General Tips

With most women going for work, makeup has become indispensable for all. We have not included a lot of unknown ingredients and it is still better than store bought ones. Even so, when you’re back, make sure to remove your makeup before hitting the bed. You don’t need to buy costly makeup removers for this purpose. Olive Oil or Coconut Oil dabbed in cotton ball should do a good job at removing makeup.

Apply Argan Body Oil before going to bed to gently nourishes and rejuvenates your skin. It also restores lost skin moisture and nourishment. You can also use Argan Body Lotion before you head out and if you use makeup, apply it the first thing and then do your regular makeup.

For this recipe, you can apply it before the bronzer and if you use foundation, before the foundation! By doing this, you can offset most skin damage by forming a protective layer on your skin.

As always, feel free to work around and modify the recipe to suit your requirements and preferences. DIY recipes are best as you can play around with the recipe and know what goes in!

Do you like this recipe? Stay tuned for more DIY recipes and natural skin and hair Care tips. Don’t forget to feed us back with your results and hit us up for any queries you may have. If you don’t have time for DIY recipes, feel free to use our Argan Skincare Kit to get rid of blemishes, scars, age spots, delay ageing skin signs and get perfect skin.