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Premature Graying also shows receding hair and scalp health. Want to reverse premature graying and promote better hair growth and health? Here’s a DIY Hair Oil Recipe you can try!

Alkanet Root is very popular in India and particularly Kashmir, where this root is extensively used in cuisines to give it their unique reddish hue. Europeans use this fairly well as a natural red hair dye. This root also has numerous medical uses, including accelerating wound healing. Here’s a Hair Oil Recipe that uses this root.


Alkanet Root – 15 Gms
Coconut Oil – 500 Ml
Mustard Oil – 25 Ml
Fenugreek Seeds – 1 Tsp.
Indian Gooseberry – 100 Gms.
Curry Leaves – 1 Handful
Henna Leaves – 1 Handful
Lemon Rinds – from 2 Lemons


In a small bowl, add the Fenugreek Seeds and soak it with some water.

Next morning, grind it to a fine paste (also add the water used for soaking) along with the Curry Leaves, Lemon Rinds, Gooseberry and Henna Leaves and set aside.

Now, heat the Coconut Oil along with Mustard Oil and add the ground paste.

Let it simmer for 15 – 30 minutes. The oil will turn into a deep green – slight brownish color. The paste you added will almost turn dark brown after the moisture is fully evaporated. That’s when the oil is really done.

When the oil changes color and there’s no moisture left, you can remove it from heat and filter it through a cheesecloth. Preferably use a glass bottle for the oil.

When the oil cools down, it is time to add the Alkanet Root.

Alkanet Root is fairly soft and crumbles if you crush it slightly with your fingers. If the pieces are larger, you can break them into smaller chunks to allow soaking. Add the Alkanet Root to the cooled down oil.

Keep it in the sun for 3 – 7 days (keep it out during the day and remove it inside and keep the jar closed at night), till the oil turns a deep red and becomes infused with Alkanet Root.

Shelf Life

This oil lasts 6 months, to a year or more! The key is preserving it right – don’t use wet hands or spatula for removing the oil from the bottle. Preferably use a clean and dry spoon and keep the jar closed. You don’t have to refrigerate the oil.

Tips to Tweak the Recipe

You can skip the Henna Leaves if you don’t want it to be cooling. However, Henna is another key ingredient for Premature Graying and Hair Loss, though you can add it in other ways.

You can also add Bhringraj Leaves (False Daisy) to this Oil.

If you don’t get fresh versions of the ingredients listed above – Curry Leaves and Henna Leaves, you can use the dried version. If you use dried powder, make a paste of the powders and add to the oil. You can also prepare a concoction and then add it to the oil, however you prefer.

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