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Hair Care Tips

Ayurveda is a traditional medicine practiced in India and other parts of Asia. Want to know what tips Ayurveda offers for hair care?

Healthy Hair

Oil is a must for your hair. If you have to head to work and don’t want to weigh down your hair, massage your hair and scalp with oil and let it soak for at least one hour before washing off. Style as usual. At least you will get nutrients this way.

Hair Care Tips

Thinning Hair

You get Bhringhraj powder in most herbal shops. Take two spoons of the dried leaves powder and add water. Mix and apply this paste your hair and scalp and let it sit for 30 minutes. Wash off for healthy and voluminous hair.

Hair Strengthening

You can get fresh gooseberry or dried gooseberry powder from herbal shops. Add water and mix it to a thick paste. Apply it to hair and scalp for healthy, strong and thick hair.

Hair Growth

Curry Leaves

Do you know curry leaves is a proven remedy for premature greys? It also promotes hair growth, arrests hair fall and makes your hair healthy and strong. You can apply it as a paste to your hair and scalp or use Curry Leaves infused oil. You can also consume a handful of raw curry leaves everyday to promote healthy hair, besides the health benefits this has to offer.


Fenugreek is a common kitchen ingredient. Soak a spoon or two of fenugreek seeds overnight. Grind the soaked seeds along with the water in your mixer and apply the paste to your hair. Wash off after twenty minutes with a natural hair wash. This will promote healthy hair and enhance hair growth.



Dandruff or Itchy Scalp? For a Tsp. of Sesame Oil, add a clove of garlic and 3 crushed pepper corns and heat it up. Apply this oil to your scalp for getting rid of dandruff and other scalp problems, while also promoting healthy hair and scalp.

Wintergreen Oil

Wintergreen Essential Oil is highly toxic – so don’t consume it internally. Having that said, do you know it helps with hair health? Add a few drops of Wintergreen Oil to your shampoo to curb dandruff and promote better circulation. Also, it prevents bouts of cold for those prone to cold or sinus after hair wash. A win-win isn’t it?

Bald Patches?

Take a small onion or shallot and cut into two halves. Store one half in the refrigerator if you have only one spot. In the other half, add a peppercorn (slightly cracked) and rub into the bald spot. Do this everyday to promote hair growth in the bald patch.

Hair Fall?

Make a paste with onions and use that for your scalp. Hair fall will reduce and stop, while your hair growth rate will improve and you will have healthy and strong hair.

Always use herbal shampoo or an organic shampoo like HY Vitamins Argan Oil Shampoo for healthy, strong and happy hair. They have hair care products to suit different requirements and hair types. Try them when you don’t have time for DIY Recipes for hair care.